Best Ping wedge EVER? Glide 2.0 Stealth Review

Best Ping wedge EVER? Glide 2.0 Stealth Review
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the latest Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedge on the golf course as well as on GCQuad!


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  1. Great review Rick. Yep, currently game the 52 and 58 Ping glide wedges, interested in these, but not sure it’s worth the upgrade at this point

  2. More solid reviewing fella. They seem to perform as good as they look. Always been a Callaway wedge man but these need consideration.

  3. Rick: "I don't see what this extra half groove does"
    Also Rick: "These wedges spin more than anything I've tested"
    Now, without getting one of those wedges and having a blacksmith fill in that groove and retest it, you couldn't really price it, but the correlation between them when comparing to previous glide wedges is undeniable.

  4. The Black colour looks so cool, but long term I`m not sure how the finish will stand up. Other black wedges I have had in the past last about half a season before looking wrecked.

  5. Love that black finish. Looks 👌 not a massive fan of roundness of the wedge compared to others but still nice

  6. They look stunning. As always an excellent review Rick. Hopefully they will be launched in NZ soon.

  7. I love the black finish. Can a high handicapper sensibly play these, or are they really for good players?

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