Best Swing in Golf ???

I was very impressed with Whee Kim’s golf swing at Riviera so I decided to take a closer look.

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  1. He is known as "a Perfect Swing" guy in Korea. If he strengthens the mental power, he will be one of the best. But again, mental is more than 90% in the professional league…

  2. And just like Tiger, he will have joint and back problems. His flexibility is all that saves him now. Keeping that front foot planted and not shifting back will be to his demise in due time. This is not a classic swing at all. I wish him luck.

  3. I like his tempo, and the use of the lower body… no jerky "rip it" type of movements.
    Also the head dropping and up, is how all power hitters do this… things like that, it is
    definitely the case that a little is good, but more than a little is bad!

  4. I think if you play golf long enough you will have some back problems. I think the golf swing is just an unnatural movement of the human body. Some people may it look fluid and natural, but the transition sure puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. L4/L5 dealing with it.

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