Better tempo , better golf swing. In this weeks impact show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you hot to create a better tempo for your golf swing by using you body to create a better wind up in the back swing.

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  1. Great Video. Getting the core engaged is always my biggest issue.  Thanks for the advice. It would be great to find a way to stretch my backswing that far!

  2. You guys do a great job, Not only have you helped my swing tremendously, you guys do fantastic with marketing and using social media to the fullest, constantly pushing great content. Thanks for what you do.

  3. Thanks for your videos and website!  Are you OK with other instructors using the "Take Charge" technique?

  4. Ok. I used my new tempo exercise. "Take-control" when I played golf today, and in my warm up as well. I hit some of my best shots in a very long while. I never felt rushed in my swing, and could feel the power coming through downswing and not my backswing. Also, I felt very balanced. Thanks a million guys. Really.

  5. +Meandmygolf This really helped me with my swing. Will you all ever do a beginners show? Im so lost, I started off going to the driving range and hitting 127 yards. Then as Ive been going back more than regular Ive topped off at 180-185 yards. Any ways I can "Take Charge", of my complete game??? BTW I love the show and watch every episode.


    Stef Vaughn

  6. Enjoyed the video but the sound quality very poor can only hear one person even with my head phones on

  7. Guys, when your golf clubs AND uniforms match, it's time to ask "Are we going too far?"

  8. I practiced this for about a week and I'm hitting my irons a lot more consistent now! Great video mate!

  9. And if you really want a slower tempo, just go for the '' FORE !! Watch-out-over-there!!''   Anyway, great vids guys, you rock !

  10. Didn't get this one. Thought it would be on speed of takeaway. Turn &  burn. Starting down with feeling hands more than body.