Big Body Rotation Through Impact Golf Swing


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  1. Nice one Mr Finch, whats up with that breathing today? Getting too excited with all this practicing haha. Keep it up, lovings the videos over a Latte

  2. Great drill Pete, I found the drill with the soccer ball into the box also helps with this tip mate. Would love for you to talk about grip pressure, I found having a tighter grip pressure stopped my shots ballooning to the right, something that surprised me after listening to so many people talk about the lighter the grip the better.

  3. Great stuff Finchy! I'm working on something just like this but your drill really articulated the movement well. Reminds me of Kaymer's finish where his chest is pointing way left and how high Rory's right shoulder gets after impact

  4. Great vid Pete! Just gave it a whirl at the range along the "maintain angle" drill. Loved the consistency of my impact and my dispersion. Have no clue if I gained distance but I didn't hit it all over the clubface :-)

  5. Pete, In your quest for 350, have you researched the Titleist D4?  Is supposed to be 300+ RPM lower than your D3.

  6. do you breath through the golf swing Pete? anyway you could share you thoughts on breathing through the swing. never seen any info on this

  7. chest at the ball at impact. Great tip Peter. This explains why I've been cutting across the ball, I've been opening my shoulders too soon. Thank you I will try this at the range.