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Billy Herschel has a fantastic example of a modern rotation swing. In this video Dan analyses Billy’s swing and takes a look at what you can learn from the PGA Tour professional.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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Howie Land says:

I particularly liked how you showed not just the benefit of a flared left foot, but then demonstrated the potential problem of a left foot set square. It's that extra detail that I appreciate in your videos. Thx, Dan!

Shigeharu Shimizu says:

Thank you, Dan. It's still difficult to get how to make weight shift from a right foot to the left. For iron swing, it looks weighing 60% on left at finishing. For driver, it looks 70 to 80%. Would it be right that weighing on left differently between iron and driver?

hbyrdut says:

Can you limit the left knee movement and still get a big enough hip turn? It seems to me that the more you turn your hips the more the left knee will move in.

Dan Whittaker says:

Skip ahead to 4:52 to find out which parts of Billy's swing you can put into your game…

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