Bob Charles -Talks Golf equipment

Bob Charles discussing the advantages of heavier equipment and how it enables us to feel the clubhead and control it better- using our core and footwork to move the club instead of the arms

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  1. Both…..overall weight should run through the set and be a consistent spacing with wedges the heaviest….swingweight should work in that manner also….although it is fine to have wedges at a specific swingweight….short irons a slightly lighter….mid irons slighter lighter again and then onto the long irons being the lightest swingweight
    I have my 3-4 iron at D3 5-6-7 at D6 8-9 at D8 and wedges at E0

  2. How tall are you? And what is your weight?
    I am 184 cm and weigh 100 kg
    Any suggestions on how flat the clubs must be?