Bobby Lopez Analyzes My Swing, Great Insight For Golf

Before my interview with Bobby on Monday I wanted to send in my golf swing to him to get his thoughts.

I have been struggling recently as I’ve been trying to fix my sliding on the downswing.


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  1. It seems like Gankas's swing thoughts are very effective at minimizing the hip slide. Anyway, what's that 2 o'clock drill?

  2. Golf is a sport, Dont think too much. Hands connected with the club then use hand. Tennis baseball they are all swing as a cycle. Would like to see you have more fun on golf. Btw good channel, I very enjoyed it

  3. Hey Brendon, another great video. ive watch almost all your videos, and can tell you have good athleticism and speed. i struggle pretty much with the same issues as you, but i was watching some videos from Shawn Clement and it occurred to me that i was setting up my shoulders too square to the target line-> check out – "How to Use the Lead Hand in the Golf Swing – Shawn Clement's Wisdom in Golf". maybe that will help with you pulling with your left side and help keep your chest from opening up too much. his drills really help with keeping head behind the ball prior to impact which i know monte, dana and bobby advocate. good luck in your tourney!

  4. I would like to see an interview with Michael Hebron. I think to often the fundamentals of a golf swing like grip, posture, alignment, stance and feet pressure are over looked in the setup and could be causing a lot of swing fault issues. I would like to see videos on getting into the fundamentals perfectly every time.

  5. Hey B, great channel, love the stuff you've put up with Monte and Tony. Shortening my swing has been a BIG challenge which I've conquered with a swing focus: keep the hands in front of the sternum. Of course feel is not real so my hands feel like they're barely above my waist but on video, perfect length and no more wrapping the club around the top. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Good luck, keep up the great work!!!!

  6. Great video. I was already subscribed to bobby's channel. I saw you on there but didn't realize at the time it was you he was analyzing haha

  7. Hi Brendan. Thanks for sharing the Bobby Lopez analysis of your swing. Very informative as I have similar issues. My favourite coaching videos are from Dan Whittaker, here in England. Maybe a Skype interview with him would be good. Play well in the tournament and enjoy.

  8. sry, i dont agree with this guy. your arms shouldnt move down in transition – the worst thing is "ringing the bell"

  9. if sergio garcia would have that feeling "ringing the bell" he wouldnt be so flat in the downswing. never ever.

  10. I have been trying to shorten my swing for years or at least shorten it when u take my picture. I watched a video by Rick shiels/ Dan Whittaker that changed my swing forever. The key FOR ME has been my right elbow not drifting off my body. Look at the swings of boo and Sergio. Their right elbow is tucked in tight to their chest.

  11. I've been practicing the 2 o'clock drill in the living room relentlessly since watching synching your swing (great vid btw 🙂 ). The feel is slowly creeping up on me, still feels like way to much arms to early though. As far as your top of backswing position goes, i think the still on 4.55 says it all. the guy on the right has his right elbow tucked in and in synch with his shoulder turn. From that position it is almost impossible (for me at least) to over rotate the arms at the top. It feels like a natural brace from going to far. Your elbow is much more flying freely, allowing your right shoulder to rotate further, even after completing the turn of the shoulders around the spine. Some of the commenters before me referred to Dan Whittaker, he is a great teacher promoting a tucked right elbow. The teacher that made it click for me the most though as getting to stop over rotating my arms going back is Jim Waldron. I don't like everything he teaches, but his videos on the arm swing illusion really helped me with this issue. When I realized how little my right arm (well… left arm since i'm a lefty) has to move to get in the proper position at the top, i stopped over rotating almost instantly. Good luck with your swing and keep posting these great vids Brendon!

  12. Brendan, I may have had the biggest breakthrough in the last three years or so thanks to Bobby's recommendation to you around keeping your back to the target and pulling down (aka 2 o'clock drill). Years ago I received the same feedback that my downswing sequence was off and my chest was opening too soon but it never really resonated how to fix it. After spending 15 min working on this drill, balls were hissing off my club face… Nothing fat, nothing thin with a lower trajectory. And let me just say it felt very weird which is probably a good sign. I've never felt impact like this with significant shaft lean and lag (sorry Monte). Three range sessions later the feeling is still there. Wow, is all I can say. Kudos to Bobby and you for sharing. Also, just thought I add that I picked up a Direct Force putter and love it. So solid.