Bowood Golf Club Part 3……….BIRDIE TIME

James Pickard takes on Kevin Harper at the fabulous Bowood Golf Club in Wiltshire. Warning, Birdies galore!!!

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  1. Great golf lads! Is Kevin the nicest man in golf!? Oh and will you be changing the into music soon because it will be playing over and over in my head today!

  2. Great golf and course vlog lads. You two have been my favourite to watch back since the early days on Crossfields channel. Keep it up.

  3. Great putt from Kevlar. He played a couple of shots I’d like to see a video on, ball above and below the feet. I never know where to aim with them. Your thoughts?

  4. Another great vlog James. Nice to see Kevin out with you. Keep the blogs coming.

  5. Can we get a WITB from both of you?  It's been a while since Harper's been on the big screen.  Thanks.

  6. Kevlar's an ace lad, not a bad player too! How about a four-ball – Jimbo, Kevlar, Houdini and Gorilla James??

  7. Great Birdies boys….enjoying the tussle and the banter….Make more Vlogs Jimbojett!!!!! PLEASE.

  8. Hopefully a shank or snap hook or slice is coming up in the next part, all this great play and birdies( I think you call them) is getting boring lol 😉

  9. Got to be a Royal North Devon single around the corner from you two. Great to watch. Do you both play
    comps still. I heard Kevin's a supermarket manager now.

  10. Great to see you long dogs playing together again, Kevlar putting for dough at the moment !!