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The weather forecast didn’t look great, but Zac and I decided to give it a go and hope for the best. As we take on the challenging Stonebridge Dye course for the first time the weather wasn’t helping us out. Watch the EPIC Shower Shootout to see all the ups and downs (mostly downs) of this round of golf. Rain or Shine baby!!!

Thanks to Stonebridge Dye course for having us out!

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  1. That moment when the 2nd ball went in….man that is my life. Thanks for having such a great attitude about it.

  2. Just a little advice for ur golf swing. Stick your butt out more. Looks like your just standing over the ball. Get in an athletic position. Also looks like you whip your head up a bit early. Be gentle on the downswing and remember to always keep your head behind the ball. Great vid!!

  3. Love how the title is "First birdie on camera", but one of the shots isn't recorded😂😂😂Awesome vid though. I wish I could hit it a mile like Brodie

  4. you might have to much waight on your right feet instead of moving it to your left in the downswing! This might cause you to hit it thin ( just go back to your old videos and look at)

  5. Bro tip: When it's cart path only, carry your rangefinder with you when you walk to your ball. That way you can still get your distance exactly.

  6. Brodie!! We both play ultimate frisbee and golf lol! If you’re ever in NY we should play a round at Bethpage if you’re feeling confident lol. I’m from Long Island so I’m at bethpage all the time

  7. The weather subsides a bit for these 6 holes, but we continue to get dominated on this course.