Bryson Dechambeau 2016 Masters Driver swing analysis. Simplest swing in Golf

From the 2016 Masters tournament round two. On my website at you can learn to swing very similarly to Bryson Dechambeau. You can improve your game with simple to follow drills, which makes simplifying your existing golf swing easy so that you can quickly play better golf. Guaranteed to help you improve!

Bryson is also now the United States Amateur champion for 2015 USGA and NCAA champion in the same year. He swings on the Same plane with Single length irons as well. His swing is also similar to Moe Norman’s great golf swing.

Learn how to swing exactly like Moe Norman did. You can start with five free lessons by clicking the following link.
Moe had the most effective golf swing ever, and the link above will get you started learning the EXACT way that Moe setup and swung the club.

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  1. Very few commentators have mentioned Moe Norman and Bryson together. Very similar swing and set up. I play NG and tried Bryson set up today. Very interesting results. Less moving parts and ball flight seemed purer

  2. Thanks Kirk. One thing to watch out for on his driver swings is that he has two different ones. The one in this video is his "fairway finder". He also has a distance swing in which he grips the club in the fingers and drops the hands slightly.

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