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More on Bubba’s amazing golf swing and what you can apply to your own game to improve and swing with more power and less effort!


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  1. Thanks for the Vid Shawn. What has always amazed me about Bubba`s swing is his balance, how he is able to hit the ball when he is on his toes with both feet! As well as being a superb Golfer, he must be one hell of a gymnast!

  2. At first I taught Bubba's swing was not nice to look at….but now I understand with your video what is natural human designed golf swing and that is why I use to love watching Jack Nicklaus swing. It sounds more settled than Bubba. Now I understand. Took me awhile but thank you for your perseverance in teaching THE SWING.

  3. The open stance is more natural too. Trevino, Couples, Nicklaus, Bubba, Vijay, Sergio…I'd take any of these non-conventional swings any day

  4. You make great vids and I like some of your ideas around instruction, however I do think there is more to it than just "feeling" and embarrassing the natural aspects of movement. When I try to play like this many swing fault killers creep in my swing, it's not until I pay attention to either making specific "unnatural " feeling movements with controlled deliberate execution do I start to hit it pure and play well. My point is there are for some people aspects of the golf swing that are not improved upon with the brandel shamblee approach, one size does not fit all.

  5. Ive tried the elephant walk with a line of balls set up and I always seem to push slice them. Is worth hitting balls while doing this drill? Should I compensate by trying harder to close the face or just strengthen my grip and go with the natural feel? Thanks!

  6. Poe's – I agree with what you said. It's very tempting to believe that the golf swing is a very natural, intuitive motion and we should just rely on our natural instincts. It can work wonders to free up the swinging motion. But what happens when we do that and hit the ball like crap? Some people's intuitive sense of how tomswing may put the club in a verb bad position. There are some very big differences between golf and other athletic motions. The golf ball is on the ground and in a sense, the ground is in the way of the swing. This is always in the back of my mind. Slashing a sword or casting a fishing pole or skipping a stone do not involve ground contact. They also don't require accuracy of the strike within plus/minus half an inch. So these analogies don't always help. I think the analogy of hammering into the side of a door frame makes more sense.

  7. Great video! The falling back motion makes sense now. Tried this out on the range today and the swing cleared a lot better in front, and UP! A thin shot was my miss, but the ones that were flushed felt oh so good