CALLAWAY ROGUE X IRONS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark hits the Callaway Rogue irons with the help of Dan at Torquay golf club and the guys talk about the loft, the looks and who might get the most from these kind of golf clubs. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your golf game, when it comes to choosing the irons that might help you lower your handicap Mark’s golf equipment reviews can help you look past the marketing and hype and drill down to some facts and ideas that can help your game.

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  1. I know a fitter has to do what's best for the golfer but it's a sad day if/when a 7 iron is your longest iron becomes mainstream. I'm off 25 and take pride in being able to hit the odd decent 3 and 4 iron. Just my opinion.

  2. What club I hit in comparison to others around me doesn't bother me, I hit a srixon zu45 4iron into a 178 par 3 that was a good club length long but stuck the green leaving me a birdie putt, as for the guy who hit 1st with his 6 iron he clearly forced & pushed it left missing the green, & I watched another guy hit a hybrid into a 156 par 3, to me it it works for you play the shot, ego won't get you pars accepting & knowing your limitations will.

  3. great video……love to see you and Dan do the same with cleveland launcher HB….curious on your thoughts with them…cheers

  4. Why dont you stop reviewing them? I think a statement like that will actually help people more…

  5. If your swing speed is slow enough, then perhaps the PW in this set carries 80 yards, even though the loft is 41 degrees. You don't need a higher lofted club, since you can use this club for pitches and for chipping. You're all set!

  6. All the talk about balls! Why don’t the rule makers assign iron number to stay within specific lofts. At the rate there going PW will be 13 degrees and you will need 8 wedges to 56 degrees. what the!! Good work Mark Ann Dan.

  7. Dan throwing them snowballs made him reminisce of the great freeze of 1937. Keep up the good work. Dan's a top bloke! 👍

  8. I know you have to comply with all the YouTube rules Mark so I'll say it for you, "shit" fight. With a 41 degree PW I was wondering what happens from there. Just looked up Callaway's site. From PW they go AW 46*, GW 51* and SW 56*. They've fixed the gap with a gap wedge.

  9. I’ve just taken delivery of the baby brother of these and reckon they are not so chunky. Another great round up.

  10. Dan makes a great point about what's happening at the bottom of the set if the lofts are so strong. If it carries on like this well see a ten iron being introduced before we go into the wedges!

  11. My 3-iron is 21° and the 5-iron in this set has the same loft! Oh my word. I would need two gap wedges with these irons. I'm pretty sure these irons are just built for the launch monitor and for the boys that go to the driving range only to try to impress people with how far they hit it.