Cameron Champ’s big hitting videos have been doing the rounds on social media and a lot of golf fans are very excited about his huge long drives. In this video, Dan has a look at Cameron’s technique and highlights a few points for you to take away so you can increase the power in your swing.

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  1. Good swing analysis Mr Whittaker. I would like to see the evoulution of the golf swing with comparisons of what professional golfers did in the past (Hogan, Jones, Sneed) to what pro players do now (Rose, Fowler, D. Johnston).

  2. Great vid Dan.

    I'm going to give that step drill a go. Do you recommend any drills for the hip rotation and getting the weight onto the right heel?

  3. With his hands in front of the impact zone before impact it looks like he has a low launch angle. Ball flight seems to validate this. Is this what you are seeing and doesn't it fly in the face of conventional wisdom regarding an upward angle on driver for maximum distance. Clearly it is not an issue for Cameron and it may be that I can't follow the ball far enough to see if it continues to rise.

  4. blows my mind how he can retain that much lag and still keep his body in a good position where he isnt using too much axis tilt. Youd think that with that much lag he would be compensating somewhere to not hit as far down on the ball. I would THINK that he would be inaccurate. Crazy athlete

  5. As ever Dan a great swing analysis, many thanks. What I find so amazing is that he is so balanced whilst generating so much clubhead speed!
    I have seen a few ultra low speed vids of his swing and his hip separation, his elbow position and left ankle bowing in the downswing is amazing! I just hope that he isn't putting too much stress on his lower back, elbow and ankles and doesn't end up crippling himself as Tiger did.

  6. Feeling better in my swing since using my hips like Champ says (belt buckle to the aim asap) . But tks for your advice (lots of people raise head/body because right hip is not turning enough…that's my problem) and no golf pro told me that. Will work on that. John, Brussels

  7. Good analysis👍 Amazing player and this can bee golf future. Very athletic long hitters. Like you said he is very open at impact. What i understand human anatomy back and spine dont like bending and rotating at same time. Is also more injurys golf future❓ I hope im wrong…