CAN RORY SORT OUT HIS GOLF SWING, Mark Crossfield golf coach talks about Rorys golf swing and how he could improve his driver and iron play with some simple drills, while at the same time talks about how golf practice and lessons need more than just good tips to help a golfer improve. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s simple and easy to follow golf videos.

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  1. Went range this evening and noticed I was hitting high toes that started right and went further right so obviously the m3 and m4 aren’t for me, maybe the m5 and m6 will have inverted twisted face technology for people like me.

  2. Rory seems a great guy that just wants to enjoy life.Can’t wait to see a course vlog with your new bats Mark,keep up the great work.

  3. I've commented and agreed with others that it looks like #7 is standing too far from the ball with his driver. I will also concede that the three-quarter camera view shown to us would trick our eyeballs into thinking this.

    Could we get a proper back/target view (Sunday bra) so we can see if we're not as crazy as you make us out to be?

    btw, you folks that think all this is a bashing we're giving Rory; it's just the opposite, humans just want to fix sh*t when it's broken.

  4. I don’t think people realize, as a #7, it now takes a lot to get to 6,5,4 etc. Golf is not easy, and even more difficult when practices are at a minimum. Ray, stay grounded, enjoy the game, that is most important!

  5. Hey mark would Rory focusing on a dot on the golf ball help his striking I heard about eye 👁 domination ha ha does this work of course you aka the chrome soft balls truvis ball..not just for
    Putting bro.. is there any truth in this really? I have a Daily vlog request in da house …👌🤯😁

  6. on wahcing the driver swing from the front he seam to swivel on the front leg in sted of turn on the healand post the leg . ???? what do you think do i see wright ??

  7. Great perspective. Sure, he could (possibly) improve, but he's playing to a level that he has fun. None of us are going to make a living at it, so let's have a few laughs.

  8. I guess I missed this earlier but Rory was saying on the YGT channel that he no longer is going to be part of the golf outings. He'll be missed.

  9. Not going to work on anything this weekend. Foot and a half of snow on the ground bruh! I've upped my thumb, however

  10. There is SO much in this video that I can apply to my own game. Awesome video and Rory is a top bloke too!

  11. “You’d be Lockey if you were a magician!” Love it. While I may continue to question Ray’s handicap, I’m a fan and always thought highly of his swing. Mark is surely trying to be helpful, but we’re talking nuance here. Most weekend golfers would love to have Rory’s swing.

  12. So pleased you covered the sustainability factor….nothing more annoying than playing with higher handicaps who comment great shot when you neck one down the middle..and then moan at you for not being happy with it…yes I got away with it but not every time as we all know #strikeisking