Champion Tiger Woods Best Golf Shots 2006 PGA Championship

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  1. Why did he change his swing again? First time it was to be more consistent and he didn't like the look (OK seems fair). Then He goes on to play the best golf anyone has seen and wins 9 times on tour (in one season), including 4 majors in a row. Then he changes again (why? Because of his left knee?) Ok he keeps winning a lot, his irons get even closer to the pin, from longer away and then (after scandal), he changes yet again, (with Foley and wins "only" 8 tournaments) ( (why?)?

    Why go from a very winning formula to Foley? Was that only due to Haney's book? And was the change from Harmon to Haney only because Harmon apparently had disclosed his salary from Woods?

  2. Not sure what coach Tiger had at this time but his swing was very smooth. Didn't look jarring / violent.

  3. So what the hell was wrong with this swing……….why didnt he just stay with this damn……I lived for weekend tv golf back in these days…….so boring now.