Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks today about re gripping and how common this swing fault is with golfers with strong grips. Learn how to take control of your golf grip and hit straighter golf tee shots, longer drives and straighter irons shots. PLay your best golf with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf instruction for all golfers looking to improve their golf swings.

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  1. Never!!! & yes I now feel totally stupid for it.. There was once a question by your good self why is golf so hard. Well for me that's it right there, you spend time trying to "perfect" the "right" grip when in reality you just need to perfect that particular skill, understanding the grip is more important then perfecting the "right" grip…

  2. Everytime I play. When I use my driver I use the Mo Norman grip and with my irons 2 Frankie nukles

  3. Over the last month I've changed my grip because of your videos. Hitting the ball further and straighter. It's why I keep watching daily.

  4. I just had this going on in today's game. I thought about changing back to the interlock grip to hit more consistent fades. Might be trying it again this weekend

  5. I've never messed around with my grip other than going up and down the shaft depending on lie or taking something off a club …

  6. would like to see you recreate that booming 340 yard stinger driving iron MC/shankymc blocky. cheers brahs

  7. I know that closed grip so well. Started playing with it as a boy (its a distant memory) with a bit of a cupped wrist at the top but changed it over the years but its amazing how you slip back in to it if you aren't paying attention. I did the re-grip thing as well. Just as described. I still like to play with a bit of shut face though as i feel it gives me some directional control which i can regulate by having my hands forward and in the past with a bit more hip slide, although at the moment the ball seems to be losing penetration in favour of vertical lift. I think I will grab the camera and check for the high handle. Thing is after playing with it in my game for what is probably 45 years do you think its better to play with the fixes or upset the apple cart. I'm a good putter so there's half the game. Keep up the good work, right up my street.

  8. Made my left hand a lot stronger and that's seem to help my hooking strangely , don't want to flip my hands over as much now.

  9. The issue for me though is that if I change my grip outside of a lesson, without the feedback of my instructor, I have to try it several times to make sure that the grip is what caused the change and not something else (possibly bad) in my swing that changed as a result. I do experiment a little bit on the "what ifs" to see what happens when I change things as a part of my normal practice, but only a very small portion of time. I practice about 2 – 3 times per week on average. If I practice more, I may experiment more.

  10. i strike best with a pretty standard 2 and change knuckles showing. but lately i've gotten into a very bad habit of adjusting my grip as a pre shot routine, and invariably i end up with much too strong a grip. and yup, i've been hitting everything right. (i'm left handed.) now 3+ knuckles feels more natural and i'm really struggling to get back to the "correct" grip actually feeling good

  11. I have a strong right hand grip and I tried to weaken it but it felt very uncomfortable and all my shots started to slice massively. So I stuck with my strong right hand and I can hit it straight or draw it but strugling with fading the ball at the moment.

  12. I think I got a good grip. I've been trying to put my hands all over the grip in all kinds of different positions just to know what happends when I do that. But I feel like the grip I'm playing with now is the most neutral grip for me. But if I need to hit a big hook/slice around a tree or something I would change my grip to "weaker"/"stronger" to make sure that I get it. So I got one standard grip for when I want to hit it straight but as we all know, golfcourses got stuff in the way sometimes.

  13. Mark you did a few recorded lessons in the past that were good to watch. It's interesting to see amateur golfers go through the process of change in real-ish time. Any chance of a few more like that please?

  14. Generally I play with a neutral grip at least I think I do. I have tried strong and weak but not good enough with either. If I had to choose between strong or weak I prefer weak.

  15. Grabbed hold of a frying pan handle that had just come out the oven.???????????? Burnt my right hand exactly where I hold my golf grip. Healed fine (PawPaw Ointment, loads of it ????). But couldn't hit my driver, gripped seemed fine but just kept hitting a low hooky draw about 3/4 of normal length. Watched the "difference between iron and driver swing's video and looked at what I was doing on the course.

    The fix was what MC showed, visualizing/feeling swinging up with the driver. That showed me my left hand grip had strengthened a bit (probably due to trying and take some pressure of the injured hand). When I practiced swinging up, it felt like my left hand was in the wrong place. So a quick grip fix and swinging up practice in the pre-swing routine sorted it out quickly. ???? ???? ???? Cheers

  16. I have never heard till now that the right hand would ever set in any part of the palm! Is this something new or a U.K. Thing. Great site!

  17. Very interesting, I regrip 2 or 3 rimes before I hit a shot. Start neutral and finish strong right hand. Very hard to stop even though I am aware of it. I probably hardly ever grip the club the same way twice, not good.

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