Changing Height in The Golf Swing

Changing Height in The Golf Swing. More simple and easy to understand golf tips, drills and instruction from PGA professional Mark Crossfield. AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield helps another golfer with their golf swing talking about height changes during the golf swing and how it can effect strike and shot shape. Play your best golf with golf tips that can help you improve,

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  1. Hi Mark. I recently had a lesson where the vid showed that I had exactly the same posture as this chap and mid swing 'lift'. The posture had come about because I started shanking it occasionally a few years ago and assumed my weight was too far over my toes so I moved my weight towards my heels. However, at the lesson, all the pro did was to get me to adopt 'proper' posture, but have me stand slightly further from the ball. It would appear that I was stood too close to the ball and was going the wrong way about trying to create room. Immediately I stopped lifting and almost overnight I went from a 17 h'capper to someone trying to break 80. Shows the importance of lessons!