CLOSE CALL!!! Vlog Every Shot 9 hole GOLF

This video is about Golf.

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  1. I've been going to the practice bunker before rounds, because they just re-filled all the bunkers on the course with fresh, very loose sand. You have to get things just right, or the wedge will tend to bury. I hadn't heard about that little nugget from Mickelson – that's interesting.

  2. I like the insight of being distracted by the good feeling you get from playing really well.

  3. have u tried gravity golf at all? also i just got a direct force putter , did u try Monty's?

  4. Great video, per usual. My uncle used to live in Long Beach and he said the city makes golf so cost effective for residents, you almost have to play (which he did). Which brings a question: what is the most cost-effective way to play 2-3 times a week? Or put another way–if I wanted to spend no more than $50 a month or so and I wanted to play twice a week… I mean, is that even possible? Besides moving to Long Beach, that is (I live in the South Bay). Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the vids.