Club Champ Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover

Like any sport, practice makes perfect. You can practice at home with the Swing Groover. The training aid is perfect for left-and right-handed golfers with any club in their hands. The Swing Groover exercises and conditions your golf muscles, keeps your rhythm and consistency and develops good golf habits. The solid golf ball gives a true club head feel, and the swing trainer automatically tees itself after each swing.

Product Features

  • Use any club-woods or irons
  • For left-or right-handed golfers
  • Groove your swing
  • Exercise and condition golf muscles
  • Keep your rhythm and consistency

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  1. “AMAZING” product, DO NOT waste your $$ I’m totally AMAZED by this product for their ability to design and produce such a super piece of crap in literally all aspects! People might make things with one or two weakness but these people they managed to make thing with all flaws! I believe not many people can do this!PROS:The idea is good (a tethered golf ball allowing indoor practice without nets) and that’s it.CONS:1) WEAK ARM: The arm is fixed to the base board with only two screws. It moved from…

  2. Nice idea – Badly built The concept of this aparatus is very good, in fact it did help me improve my driving consistency from 40% to 85% (I was a huge slicer now I’m an average fader when miss hits), but it has the following faults regarding quality and construction:1.The base is really light and when you hit the ball fairly hard, it bounces a lot and you have to keep realigning the damn thing.2.The metal bracket to which the ball and string are attached to, loosens frequently, you have to…

  3. Not as durable as they suggest If you have a perfect swing, then this product may stand up to “seasons of use, but if not, here are a few problems:- You have to choke up on your club because you are hitting off a raised platform. This is not a good idea when you’re working on your swing.- The hitting surface is small and fairly lightweight, it often moves after you hit the ball.- The hitting surface is made out of fiberboard (pressed paper-like layers of wood). After many many swings, not…