Mark Crossfield helps another instagram follower in todays golf video talking about club face control for better golf shots. Learn some great backswing golf ideas with these simple to use golf tips for all golfers. Play your best golf with Mark’s YouTube channel helping millions of golfers around the world learn more about their golf swings.

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  1. Mark love your videos. I am an equipment junkie for sure. This year's purchase I think will last a while is my ER1 Evnroll putter. Loving it

  2. I’d like to say my old ping anser but I can’t see anything making me want to replace my 915 24 degree hybrid. Some things just look nice in your old tool box.

  3. Question……just tried the exercise against the wall and and can get my right hand/arm/shoulder to touch the wall but miles off with my left shoulder, so what difference does a lack of rotation make to my left/lead shoulder? cheers

  4. No club is safe… But my putter is the one I would change the least. I had the two ball Backstryke in the bag for a good few years, then just changed it for a blade style putter. Just because I fancied a change. Loving the Cleveland Huntington Beach No.4.

  5. Like so many, I have rotator cuff issues in my shoulders, so can't get anywhere near the wall with that exercise. With a rigorous ( daily) warm up routine, which helps, ( flat on my back making 'snow angels' amongst other things), plus trips to a sports therapist, osteopath etc. it's manageable, but stuffed firmly in the file marked 'getting old is rubbish'. Next stop is a chiropractor, so fingers crossed for some improvement. A. x

  6. Really going to try these drills at range I suffer with blocks with long irons and slice my driver

  7. Mark, a theme I would be interesting in you looking at is grip pressure. I find that particularly on short, punchy swings, I often hit the ball to the left because I involuntarily grip the club much harder. Is this a common problem? Do you ever vary how hard you grip the club? Furthermore, I feel that when I am playing well, I have light grip pressure throughout my bag – why can't I do this all the time? Is it just psychological or are there any drills I can use to get better consistency with grip pressure.

  8. Had a Ping Anser with the slot fo years and now the Ping Vault Anser.  Two putters in 30+ years.  Not changing again anytime soon.  Everything else is on probation.

  9. Mark…. just started golfing and we are headed into winter. What is the best way to practice when the weather does not allow for a round or the driving range?

  10. Comment: is it possible to regularly increase swing / club head speed whilst still maintaining control? Cheers bruh👍

  11. This may sound weird – but I think I have better 'feel' for club face based on where my right thumb is (right hand dominant). Any similar experiences out there? Hook it like crazy occasionally with the right thumb off the left side of the shaft, straight to slight fairway-finding power-fade with it on top. I've avoided putting my thumb 'on top' for years because of … well, I used to have a big slice (not so much anymore – Thanks Par-field!) and everything I've read. But finding now I'd rather know where it's going compared to sometimes hitting it big but occasionally hooking it off the planet. Wonder if anyone else has similar experiences ….?

  12. Have you ever analysed a strange swing that works? The best example being Jim Furyk. And why does it work?

  13. Cheers Mark another great teach in and some great thoughts to add to the swing memory bank – my 5 Callaway X-RAY 5 wood stays in my bag together with my 50,56 & 60 degree Vokeys (-and of course my new Scotty Cameron putter) hope the meetings go well – happy golfing everyone!

  14. can you do a vlog on the grip specifically- I think it is under considered these days- both for club face control ( ie knowing where it is relative to your hands/grip) and also to allow maximum club head speed