CLUB FITTING TIPS – Shawn Clement – Wisdom in Golf

Make sure you have the right golf clubs for your game! Shawn talks equipment in this special video.

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  1. I have been some fittings during the last 15 years, but for some reason, for me and propably also for many other, I try to hit with as much speed as possible and not my normal swing.

  2. How do I find your video blogs they don't seem to be findable under your regular YouTube videos

  3. What do you think about KZG clubs. They are extremely rarely seen here in Switzerland but I had the occasion to try some KZ irons and I was amazed by the good feel and sound during contact with the ball. We have a special KZG fitter here in the neighborhood so I could buy them. But I am a bit intrigued by the fact that most people I ask don't know them so I wonder if there is some drawback with them.


  4. Shawn,
    What are your thoughts on single length irons? The idea has been revived due to Mr. Dechambeau and the emergence of some quality offerings out there. I am going to try a friends soon.

  5. Hireko golf has Pinhawk SL model. I think a guy named David Lane has one that has been around longer. Now there are a couple others. I am not a proponent of it as I have not used them but it sure sounds interesting.

  6. Hi Shawn, this video is most interesting! When I retired 6 years ago & took up golf I was advised by a local pro to buy graphite shafts because I was a 'senior' I have Callaway X22 irons & Big Bertha Diablo woods. I'm average build, 5 ft 10", 150lbs & still flexible.
    I cannot feel the weight of the clubs so should I switch back to steel shafts?
    I should also add that most club pros in this part of the UK seem to specialise in just one manufacturer with Ping the most popular.

  7. Hey Shawn, i noticed that in your more recent videos you are using the Titleist mb 716. I have been playing the Nike Vapor pro irons, i love playing blades, i love the feed back that i get using them. I was thinking of getting the 716mb beautiful looking blade, but have not had a chance to try them out. How do you like them in comparison to the Pro Blades? Also, have you ever tried out the Miura small blades?Thanks!! Damien

  8. Shawn, as club fitting goes, how flat should the sole of the club rest on the ground at address? With my current set up in which my knees are only slightly flexed, the clubs sole completely flat to the ground. Now that I am converting to the WIG athletic setup in which my knees are more dynamically flexed, the toe of the club rises a smidge off the ground, with a bit of a toe up position. Is this going to create a club fitting issue for me? Thanks, Shawn. Skip

  9. how do you know if you really need a fitting? I hit my clubs well and I hit the clubs I'm looking at the same distances and trajectory do I change or follow the old saying if it ain't broke don't fix? thanks for all your videos and tips.