Consistent Golf Swing: Stop Topped and Thin Shots

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If you are looking for a consistent golf swing this tip is for you. This is one element of the golf swing that most amateur golfers either overlook or don’t know about.

Most amateur players hit topped and thin shots. They also come out of their shots too. This leads to incosistent contact. Most golfers spend a lifetime trying to stop these shots from occuring without success.

Little does the amateur player know, they are actually practicing look up and coming out of their swing. To understand what I mean wach this tip. Once you do, you will see that there is a huge difference between what a pro does and what amateurs do that creates inconsistencies in tehir contact.

Once you finally know the difference you can finally start to hit consistent shots and stop topping and thin shots forever.

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  1. Finally broke 80 with a 75 after buying into Paul’s methods. Really enjoy your videos.

  2. Thank you for the video!  What I do is before I set up I stand behind the ball and look at the target and pick out a spot(maybe a leaf or a brown spot of grass) between my ball and the target and focus on this spot during my setup…so I don't look at the target…I may look up just to confirm I'm aligned correctly on my target line.  Is this method screwing me up somehow?

  3. I shot 2 over for 9 tonight and I lifted up just like you said trying to hit it real hard. I topped it. Earlier this year I have been topping it more often than not. My handicap went up a couple of strokes. Thank you.

  4. Hey Paul. Thanks for that. You are the best instructor out there. Your method has definitely improved my game. However, I still can't resist the urge to use my hands even when I am consciously trying not to. Any suggestions or drills that may help ?