Correct wrist movement during golf swing take away

Starting your golf swing correctly is absolutely crucial. Having the correct wrist movement, body turn and arm rotation in the initial phase of your back swing will set you up to achieve a great swing movement and give you every chance to strike consistently, long, accurate golf shots. With this video we look specifically at the role of the wrists, body and arms in achieving that perfect take away move.

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  1. Coach Natalie thank you for your content. This seems logical but I have a few questions: 1.) everyone differs when the wrist finally hinges…where in the backswing do you recommend? 2.) when do the arms feel like the lifting happens. 3.). Sequencing on the downswing versus the backswing. This falls In line with the one piece takeaway. I've been told that upper body leads backswing and lower body leads downswing. So backswing has more the one piece triangle. structure but I'd imagine it's very different on the downswing.

  2. I really enjoy the tips from this site. Short, concise tips well demonstrated.

  3. Thanks Natalie!! I've been struggling with the dreaded inside takeaway and I think this will help a great deal.