Create More Club Head Speed In Your Golf Swing

I receive tons of comments on creating lag or angular acceleration in the golf swing. Golfers perceive that they can create additional club head speed in their golf swing and they might be right, but not always.

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  1. Keep your head back over your right foot, "live behind the line" (another Bobby Lopez youtube line)–pure genius instruction. I don't "have" it, but at least I now "get" it, so there's hope to get a lot better.

  2. Hey Bobby, nice job! Maybe next time you can explain how ball position effects body movements. Ball back vs ball forward in stance = integral factor.

  3. This is clearly the worst and most misleading interpretation of what creates lag in a golf swing. The first move in the downswing is transferring the weight forward and down and posting up on to front foot. When done correctly, this weight transfer to the front foot creates a recoil and causes the head to move back. This weight transfer creates a pulling motion in the left arm which prevents casting and maintains the lag.

  4. An amazing observation. I am killing my irons with this tip. From 170 to 185 yards with my 4-iron.

  5. This business of lag is overstated. If your wrists are not flexible enough or your hands are too large your lag will be limited. You can increase it by changing your left hand grip but like for like the player with the more flexible wrists doesn't have to contrive it; they're just fortunate. Muscles cam be stretched, but not ligaments, unless they are damaged!

  6. Hi bobby
    Do you notice a pattern of players nose and chin pointing to ground nearer the right foot (or tip of cap)

    From what I can see even if head was over right foot but the tip of the cap or nose was pointing past ball nearer left foot then there is trouble even those changes the head is onside

  7. Bobby, love your coaching and advice…been working on your drills…and sharing with friends! Thanks!!!!

  8. BobbyYou the man. Question. When I stay on right side like you say i'm hitting it clean up to an 8 iron but club seems to bottom out early once in awhile at 6 iron. How do you move bottom of swing forward while staying onsides. Am I missing something.?Thanks for all of your videos .

  9. I've seen MILLIONS of swing videos in the last two years. Nobody knows how to expose dysfunction like Bobby Lopez.. It's blaringly real… I've just caught wind of these videos in the last 15 minutes.. and already so much has been taken to mind as to why, and how. Thank you.

  10. This has been human nature for millennia, have any of you ever skipped rocks across a pond? Lag is the most overused word in golf today. Lag is nothing more than a natural reaction to a proper swing. If you over think the mechanics of the swing you will suck… If you want a natural feeling swing swing a baseball bat for a while, then feel the same thing with your golf clubs. do not over think it, it will kill your game! Watch Phil Mickelson's Secrets of the Short Game videos and practice, practice and practice some more.

  11. Forgot to mention that Lopez is right, but these are basic swings and the mechanics are the result of the swings. Feel the weight of the club and swing it at the target.

  12. Spot on…shoulder plane is the biggie. Everything else gets way easier when you get that right.

  13. Bobby: I have been making great progress with your help. But I an curious about your comment regarding game improvement clubs. As you stated, the game improvement clubs make it hard to hit it off bent grass and tight lies. Can you explain why game improvement clubs make it tough to hit good shots under these conditions? Mike

  14. You mentioned that you were going to give us an exercise/training to learn to do this? where's that exercise, besides the keep eyes at 2:00?