Creating power in the golf swing, upper body versus lower body W Tony Luczak, PGA

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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  1. There`s one thing you are missing.

    This video is about how much power you can "Create" but it`s not about how much you can "Deliver".

    When lower body leads upper body can maintain the impact position(or posture) but when you use your upper body it`s easy to be screwed.

    And why didn`t you show us the distance of three shots and why didn`t you try a driver and a fairway wood.

    6 iron?? It doesn`t need much speed to hit.

  2. Not in agreement that lower body is totally eliminated. Even when your seated i see weight shifted to your planted legs. Same when on your knees. Stand on one leg and lets see your swing speed.

  3. I believe what they needed to help convey is a quieter lower body creates a solid swing. Your legs are only going to increase your swing speed by only 12 percent. How much further will the ball go vs. One another. I like the video. It is a little miss leading if you don't fully understand the golf swing. The beauty of learning is you don't discard everything being taught but what can you take away from it.

  4. How do you flight a low trajectory with the reactionary golf swing. I’m now fully dedicated to but I’m struggling to get a lower flight.