Crediton Golf Club | Buzzworld Champ Match | Final Part

Steve Buzza takes on James Pickard in a 6 hole strokeplay around Crediton Golf Club.

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  1. Standard buzza describes absolutely every way imaginable about how to get around the tree then hits it straight at it lol

  2. When Pickford hold that shot all I could think about was how much cross field would of went off after making such a skanky eagle. You tube gold

  3. If I hit a 7 iron off the tee on the last hole i would be way short of the corner. My 7 iron is around 140 yds which is about Steve's max putter distance.

  4. Unfortunately, a tree is 100% tree…the air around is 100% air…however, 50% of the air can be twirling around 50% of the tree…therefore, we need an optical delusion to see just the air and not the tree…golf is a hard game on a hard course with hard ground…