CRUISE MY SHIP LIVE GOLF LESSON DAY 1 Mark Crossfield is working on a Cunard trip with one lucky competition winner to see if with dedicated time and great environment a golfer can make the changes needed to hit better golf shots and lower their golf scores. Improving his iron swing and showing him what he needs to do to hit straighter longer drives off the tee. James struggle with sliced golf shots and sliced tee shots. See if Mark can help him hit a draw and gain control of his golf swing.

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  1. Love this approach to a series. Well done!!! Very interested to see how James does. Very similar to my swing issues and it is not an easy fix (at least for me). Good luck James…

  2. I have to say Mark, this series is a step up, well done..
    James is lucky, he's young and supple, on a golf cruise ship with agood coach and is keen to learn.. He will improve 👍

  3. My experience with lessons and trying to really change a swing is that he will show improvement during lessons, but revert while on the course. It takes way longer and far my practice to really learn the new muscle patterns and feels.

  4. Based on what you showed that James learned the first day and his adapting a new back swing in the afternoon outdoor net, I think he'll progress with 2 more days of you input before reaching the golf course.  He seems very receptive to your suggestions and wanting to improve. We'll certainly see what happens and I'll stay tuned for the remaining vlogs.

  5. Hopefully he learns how to shallow out that club. He is waaaay over the top. Wow.

    Good luck mark. If anyone can help him you can…..

  6. Keep at it James. By the end of this voyage, Mark may offer you Lockey’s gig. Won’t take long for you to hit the driver better than the Coach.