Cslife Inverted Umbrella Double Layer Reverse Folding Inside Out With Hands Free C Shape Handle

Double Layer Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C Shape Handle: Hands Free,Drip Free,Wind Proof and Water Proof

Product Features

  • Reverse Folding & Drip Free: Creative Inside Out Design Keeps the Wet Side inside without Dripping for Rainny Days
  • Double Layer: Made of Sturdy Durable 211T Double Pongee Fabric which makes it Wind Proof
  • C Shape Hands Free Handle: Unique C Shape Handle can Spare both of your hands to play your cell phone,lift goods,and carry baby freely.
  • Standing On Its Own: The Umbrella is Portable and It can Stand on its Own So You Can Put it Anwhere When You Don’t Need it.
  • Measurement of the Umbrella: 8 Fiber Ribs, Arc Length: 45.7inch Diameter:41.3inch Umbrella Length:31.5inch(Small Special Gift is Included to the Package)

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