Daisy Nielsen Golf Swing | Powerful Golf Swing Release

Looking for a great golf swing to model your Rotary Golf Swing after? Look no further than pro golfer Daisy Nielsen. Her inspiring move is a very solid RST golf swing that’s perhaps 90% of the way to being perfect! You’ll see a couple little things that aren’t ideal, but overall her swing is very solid.

The big thing I focus on here is her powerful post up move that I discuss in the “You hit the ball with your legs” video https://rotaryswing.com/videos/full-swing-advanced/downswing/hit-golf-ball-with-legs-for-power. This golf instruction video has been one of my most popular, so make sure you check it out! When you combine this with a proper golf swing release that I teach in my “5 Minutes to the Perfect Release” video https://rotaryswing.com/videos/full-swing-basics/downswing/5-minutes-to-the-perfect-golf-club-release, you’ve got the makings of a great golf swing.

Another great move that Daisy makes is the “Squat to Square” move. This move helps unwind the hips in the downswing while allowing the arms to shallow out and the golf club to get on to the proper swing plane. This move also stabilizes the hips in the downswing, so if you’re a hip spinner, pay close attention to Daisy’s right foot. It works perfectly through the hitting area and there’s no spinning out here.

Enjoy this great woman’s golf swing, it’s powerful and effortless and RST Fundamentals based!

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  1. Hey Chuck, ive been watching Thomas Pieters a lot. What do you think of his golf swing? To me it looks like a near model of a perfect RST swing.

  2. What a great swing Daisy! Chuck, can you please do something about your microphone? In your recent videos we can barely hear you. Thanks for another great swing analysis. BTW, I'm sure no one minds the most scrutinized critic as it'll help us all learn….also that's why we're all trying to learn from you!