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David Leadbetter: The A Swing Backswing

Learn a new backswing that will put you in perfect position coming down.

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David Leadbetter: The A Swing Backswing

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TRaddcliff says:

THANK YOU. you fixed me! i waited a week to post this as i had been having varying results from day to day. now…ive been solid for a week. thanks again.

Karen Walker says:

I play of 5,worked on this for a while but couldn't take it to the course,not good unless you want to practice it for endless hours.

Randsurfer says:

It's not just a dopey swing, his accent makes my ears bleed.

david walker says:

Think of something else Mr Leadbetter,this is very tricky for the average golfer, not too difficult to do on the range but hard to take to the course,I play off 5 and have a tendency too get a little quick and steep in the downswing resulting in pulls and fades.This 'A' swing as you call it messed me up big time,got me all mixed up and I really worked on it for a few weeks.Found that working on lower body rotation was far more effective on advice from a local pro.
Sorry David this is not the answer to 'over the toppers'.

The Real Hillary Clinton says:

absolutely shit

e james says:

bradeley manning

e james says:

it's all about "feeling the clubhead". You take it back like nicklaus, with a late wrist cock< and you're gonna be spraying the ball all over the course.

No Here Kruger says:

This is GREAT advice – to get too fucking steep.

Reid Roethe says:

I am tall and have very long arms. The A swing has really helped me shorten my swing and sync my arms with my body. This methodology is not for everyone but for my body type it definitely helps.

lilly bloom says:

This swing is as complex as Martian chess. Simplify is better, something like Steve Stricker. It's more simple, easier to copy, and has a proven record.

Clear Taz says:

Hook better

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