Decoding the Golf Swing Plane: The Striking Plane Swing Model

This book will revolutionize the way you see and learn the golf swing! Did it ever occur to you that a swing plane doesn’t even exist? Do you know that Mr. Ben Hogan didn’t swing on the plane he wrote about? Can you imagine that the swing plane you have in mind may be the cause of your slice or shank?

In an effort to clarify the misconceptions on the seemingly simple swing plane, this book reveals the truth and fundamentals hidden behind. Here is the shocking truth: there is no backswing or downswing plane in a conventional full swing, there is only the striking plane.

The book introduces the Striking Plane Swing Model, which has been extracted from the swings of numerous great ball strikers in history. The model defines the essence of the swing and the proper sequence of club movement, and is based on the laws of classical mechanics and the knowledge of human anatomy.

This book will show you why and how many of existing swing plane theories are flawed. A simple but accurate swing analysis method is also introduced and can be used to analyze your swings and pinpoint your issues.

Golfers of all levels can benefit from the concepts discussed in this book and will be able to look at the golf swing from a brand new perspective. Knowing the true swing plane fundamentals, an amateur will be able to better understand and diagnose his swing issues; an advanced player will be able to own his swing by creating a swing style that suits him the best.

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  1. In depth discussion and true insights that resolve the swing plane confusion. I have read the Ben Hogan’s five lessons and Jim Hardy’s one/two plane theory, Moe Norman’s natural swing, the Rotary swing and some other ideas about the swing plane. All of them talked about the swing plane from different aspects and emphasis, the more I read, the more confusion I got. I just wonder “Is the golf swing really that complicated?”The answer is “probably NOT” after I got this book. The author did a great job to compare all the swing plane in detailed…