Defining the Correct Backswing Turn Relative to Toe Line in the Golf Swing – Don Trahan

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What is the correct backswing turn relative to your toe line with a vertical golf swing? This video illustrates the answer to that question.

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  1. Great description in what I am observing on the Count Yogi clips on you tube. The fact that you evolved this swing on your own is quite impressive. No fear I am not affiliated with Count Yogi golf and never read his book. My summation of your swing is my own analysis of your swing and was able to compare it the 'the greatest golfer who ever lived that nobody knows.'

  2. Feel free to delete the below statement if you know I am right. I think it is OK legally to analyze anyone swing we see on You Tube. But still not sure. Yes the swing works every single time. As I have been doing this since observing his swing own my own

  3. I am a believer, because I recently discovered this on my own and know it works. Your teaching is helpful and validates my amazement. while doing your vertical swing, I got 90 percent personal satisfaction from a $13 bucket of balls! I have loved golf for 30 years and yet never played well. I play golf for 3 reason. Personal enjoyment, capturing the essence of nature, and easy exercise. When ever I made I beautiful flight of the ball I am humbled and asked my self if only I could bottle this.

  4. So as I explained with regard to my vertical swing v yours; you stop rotating your shoulder midway through and simply race your arms with both elbows equally bent. You will get far more actual coil in your body if you raise your arms in the same manner as you are rotating your shoulder. I did this yesterday and the ease of my swing and consistency was remarkable; not to mention the distant I gain from the added coiling of my body. It is still your peak performance swing; but,πŸ™‚ done with more potential energy then before. I dare say new and improved

  5. It is so easy and natural by virtue of the fact that that is what most people do when they swing their arms at home without a club in their hands. Congratulations on the development of this easy and most effect swing. Would love to hear your comment on the minor change I made with your swing. Thanks.

  6. Also this new method totally changes the swing path of the club guaranteeing a square hit to the ball every time. Damn if more people adopt your new and improved peak performance golf you would put the phony teachings of the PGA out of business. Regardless I am thrilled with my new swing. I will show everyone I know of my new swing and give you the credit for developing it. I just improved it a bit.

  7. Your, not going to believe this but; taking your theory and building it up to a full rotational shoulder swing I just got accepted as a volunteer coach at a famous local golf camp for kids. Here is my winning swing. In return the pro golfer who runs the school will play golf with me once a week to help me sharpen my game. Glad I stumbled on your site. Here is my winning full shoulder rotational/ vertical swing that I told the coach about.

  8. I was terrible at golf, lost more balls than I found, threw clubs in bushes & lakes. Chased squirrels and birds. Sliced and diced it. Sometimes hit great shots less than normal. Top them chunk them, you name it. Tracked all possible stats saw micro improvement. I decided to watch your videos and how you explain it all just clicked with me. Currently, after proper setup swinging a little up after the toe hits the catcher's mitt easing myself to a full swing in increments I have experienced immediate results beyond description. Solid contact, penetrating ball flight, laser straight shots, with irons, hybrids, and driver. The distance on these shots is so amazing once I get to full swings gosh what is it going to be like? THANK YOU!

  9. Well. Your swing seems to be somewhat counterintuitive to the typical PGA teachings. However at 70, your swing makes sense to me. You have talked about starting the downswing with a slight bump of the trail hip . To me that bump occurs naturally as I start my downswing. I think your swing makes it easier for seniors. Have any young professional players ever used your system in golf that you know of? Do you feel personally it should be the norm for golf instruction as opposed to just an alternative swing. Would love to hear more how your system of golf evolved. Thanks for reading and I will take time to watch all your videos on You Tube.