DIRTY Golf Clubs vs CLEAN Golf Clubs… WHATS THE REAL DIFFERENCE??? so you’ve spent a load of money on brand new expensive golf clubs, you’ve watched the latest mark crossfield video, Rick Shiels video, me and my golf vide…, you’ve bought the sexy Mizuno jpx 919 tour irons, the jaw dropping cobra f9 driver, brand new vokey wedges by Titleist but they are all flithy! how much difference will you see in performance between clean grooves and dirty grooves in your irons? let’s find out… and let’s dot it now!

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  1. I have to admit that i'm guilty of playing with dirty clubs, but I'm trying to be better about keeping my clubs clean. Good video on why it's important.

  2. i have 2 towels on my bag. one i get wet, the other i leave dry. to clean my clubs with while i play.
    its not really as hard as you think.

  3. You're always told to have a routine. Mine is simple.
    1. Club out of bag and while you are looking at the shot, clean the grooves out (even if they don't need it).
    2. Get ready, wiggle, Hit shot etc etc
    3. After the shot, use the towel to wipe clean the head before placing back in the bag.
    Not brain surgery, and a good looking club produces a better shot (scientifically proven (OK, maybe not)).

  4. I call it the G & G Factor.
    2 Things I clean after I Fire them Down range every day
    1) Golf Clubs
    2) Guns
    As I expected the Distance would be about the same but the things that I KNEW that would be WAY OFF were the Accuracy, Spin, Peak Height and Angle of Decent.
    Clogged grooves = Less Spin Which = Less Stopping Power from Wedges and Scoring clubs into the Greens.
    Also Affected by the Spin would be the East vs West boundaries of the Fairways or the ability to Shape or select which side of the fairway you wished to keep it.
    Also Angle of Decent and Peak Height can play a MAJOR role in Stopping power if you don't generate a Great deal of Spin into the Greens.
    Great Video with Audio and Visual Descriptions.
    Also I keep a Wet Washcloth as well a Wet and Dry Microfiber towel and cleaning brush with me and clean whichever club I used Everytime I hit it.
    I wipe EVERYTHING Down after I get to the Parking Lot before I put them in my car .
    And FINALLY when I get Home, I bring the clubs in and look them over once more before I put them away until the Next Practice Session or Round.

  5. Looks like he left 2 possibly thin shots in on the dirty iron data both spinning in the 4,000's…. throw those two out and there isn't much difference at all…..

  6. What I noticed with your spin rate was clean club it varies by 300 some revs. With dirty club it varies by 800 some revs.

  7. I think there will be a big difference!! I wipe the clubs off after hitting it and if time provides clean the properly after each round!!

  8. My question for you @jamesrobinson. If you are doing a practice swing and the club gets slightly dirty would you bother cleaning it before taking your final shot?

  9. Another reason to clean clubs and gear, is if you play other courses you prevent the spread of the various grass disease between courses.. Plus, paid a lot for them, so going to take care of them.

  10. I heard a good, simple tip the other day. Wet your bag towel just before going out and wipe your club after each shot, your clubs at the end of the round will be sparkling clean. Makes perfect sense and this video backs up why. Good work as usual James 👍

  11. I have a brush on my bag and after I have hit a shot when I am walking down the fairway i brush my grooves so its clean for the next shot.

  12. That was bloody interesting to see the difference between clean and dirty face, the quality,quantity and variation of your videos are outstanding and your presenting skills have come on heaps and bounds, sky golf could do with someone like you working along side Nick Dougherty

  13. Good video mate, have you ever done a video on golf gloves i’e make/feel/ durability

  14. Hi James has your mate (the one with the receding hairline from Bolton) Liam, seen this vid??? . Last time he cleaned his was when they fell in the canal at Chorlton. 🙂

  15. 32 seconds into this video and my OCD is in over drive. How can anyone bear to look at dirty grooves. Buy a cleaning tool and clean them!

  16. Lee Trevino told a story on Feherty about how they used to take practice swings to fill the groves with dirt to reduce the spin on chip shots!

    For me, I'm one of those guys that have a brush attached to my bag. After I hit, a couple quick swipes to clean the grooves, and off I go! Of course, I was taught when I was very young to clean my clubs and grips after a round. While cleaning you can check for any damage, and cleaning your grips removes the sweat, dirt and grass chemicals that get on them and prolongs the life of the grip. I clean with warm water only, no chemicals.

  17. James, one thing I also noticed if you look at the dirty club stats., the spin speeds are all over the shop (4,414 – 7,109), where as the clean club spin rates are consistantly at a higher and more uniform parameter (6,148 – 7,312). Very interest test and really appreciate your time and effort. Would be very interested to see the same test with a pitching or gap wedge. Cheers from Paul in Salisbury East, South Australia.

  18. You think dipping a wedge in the sand would give it more spin from the sand acting like sand paper?