DISASTER! Round after swing change GOLF VLOG

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  1. Same swing sequence issue on the not so great shots that I have seen in your videos for a long time. You are turning left shoulder and hip before your hands move down. You're automatically over top of your original plane. At times you keep that new plane and your athleticism allows you to catch up and time the hit or you pull it. Other times you shallow and get stuck and your right elbow appears to be behind your right hip at impact.

    Your Monte video with hands down and out before anything else happens is your fix. Go back to it. This new drill, IMO, is going to make the getting stuck potentially worse.

    I don't make a living teaching golf, just what my eyes see. Take it with a grain of salt. Have fun, cheer up, good luck.

  2. I actually like the vlogs at your local courses. Feels like I know the place and they remind me of the courses I play lol

  3. Serious noise pollution on this course. Impossible to concentrate. Just reset. You'll be back!

  4. Some people never stick with what brought them to the dance. There is no such thing as a universally proper swing technique for everyone. You have the length. You have hit all the shots. Why keep tampering with technique? From watching a few of your videos, I think your ability to read the lie, and making proper distance choices seem to be a main issue for you more than swing technique. All beach shots should never be focused on the ball itself, but in the depth you enter and maintain the apex as you move through the sand. As the leading edge of your club enters the sand, that angle of the sole or bounce is actually causing the sand just under the leading edge to get shoved downward by the angular pressures being created. It is known as wedge force. The club's leading edge traps the sand from fluid dispersion, and the force causes the sand to compact slightly downward as the club continues to move forward. The sand is just another medium, just like the air is, only denser. Because the sand is granular and not a solid, the angle of the bounce forces the sand to compress slightly and fill the voids where the air between the grains are at rest. This makes the sand a bit firmer, and helps the club to bounce off of this compacted sand. The more shallow that level under the ball is maintained in the shot, the more compaction is created because of the angular travel of the club being more stable and more forceful I would think that you have the technique. You need to make some better decisions in my opinion. Knowing your carry distances is the key, and always will be. Golf is nothing but length control. You can be offline 5 feet and end up with a 5 foot putt. Come up 5 feet short clearing a bunker is a loss of concentration and a failed plan. The idea is to hit center green OR FURTHER, and never short your shots when you find yourself facing a forced carry. It is the mind holding you back more than any failure of technique. I have to also say that golf is a long term game. One filled with moments of physical activity surrounded by a great deal of possible distractions as you travel to your ball. If you lose focus during that travel period, getting back on track is infinitely more difficult in the short time you have over the ball. So stopping to talk about this BS will hurt your scores more than any other issue will ever face in the game. You are not a beginner any longer, so you do not need so much intense instruction. You are not a professional either. They train their minds to turn on and turn off, almost at will. They use little tricks that get their subconscious into the mix by quieting their mind momentarily. As active as you are vocally, there is no way you can ever possibly turn off your conscious mind during the shot. That means your subconscious mind is being left out of the game in its completeness, and it is a whole lot better at hitting a ball than your conscious mind ever will be. You need to train your head, not your swing. I have news for you. The take-a-way is meaningless as long as you get set at the top properly. You can loop, or lift, but if your transition is at the right place, how you got there is a non-issue. The take-a-way isn't when the ball is struck. That always occurs on the down swing. Watch Hadeki Matsuyama and see if that take-a-way is his key, or if his being set properly at the top is why he is so accurate and crisp at ball striking. Your thought processes are sabotaging your game, and you're so close to the trees, you can't see it. You're too invested in these videos… its is killing your mental approach to playing, and your shot selections suffer for it. I don't see you using partial shots very often (if ever). Must be nice to never find yourself in between clubs. Have you never gone up two clubs and used a 3/4 shot to achieve the desired distances you face? I have watched many of your videos, and I can't recall a single once. Those shots are also part of a full rounded game repartee, and you avoid these choices out of hand it seems. You have enough technique. It is time to train your mind to be a weapon as much as any wedge in your hand. Work the short game, yours stinks to be frank about it. I think all these lessons and videos keep you from working the short game as much as you need to, and that too is telling in your play That first putt was under 8 feet, straight as can be, and you missed by a good 4 inches outside the cup. From under 8 feet… that is rookie stuff dude.

  5. The first thing that pops out to me is how far passed you shoulder turn your arm swing is. 3/4 of a swing may help you with those longer shots.

  6. just noticed, @12:51 when you were putting, it looked like you followed your ball with your head after you putted and that's why your ball went right of the hole. I look at the ball with my left eye (forcing my head to look right) and then putt. this prevents me from following the ball and i've been ON POINT with my putter! don't try to follow/look at the ball after putting

  7. You are not going to consistently achieve the swing path that you are trying for with the shoulder alignment you have. It is way too square. Check Carl Lohren's YouTube videos or pick up a copy of the book 'Getting Set for Golf'. I am a long time student of his and the swing path that you are trying for is exactly what he's taught for decades.

  8. Hi Brendon,
    I recently had similar issues that you had/have in the downswing. My backswing isn't like yours, but I still made an initial move towards the ball with my hands in the downswing. What worked for me to stop doing this:

    – Focusing on keeping my back to the target just a little bit longer, and at the same time letting my hands drop directly vertically down towards my back foot before doing anything else with my hands.

    – After completing that movement, I could then aggressively attack the ball using my trail/right arm dominantly like I wanted to.
    (previously I would just immediately attack the ball when starting my downswing, making it so I had to do a lot of corrections with my wrists to get a good strike and not hit a pull).

    – I've always naturally closed my club face (so was always a straight puller with my out to in swing instead of a slicer), so getting used to closing the face with that movement only took a small bucket. I'm not sure if your habit is a closed/square/open face, but if it's open it may take a little longer to get the feel for closing it.

    — These thoughts got me from a 4 degree left path to a 2 degree right path, as well as shallowed the shaft a bit more (I wasn't happy with how steep I was getting in the downswing)

    Good luck, and thanks for continuing to make these videos. I really enjoy the content.

  9. Old swing and new swing swirling around – hard to take it to the course. These are the best rounds to test how the change is coming along. Probably good you were by yourself ( not counting the 24k watching this 🙂

  10. to be honest, I think it's a timing issue. I struggled with the same thing. I don't think the take-away is as important as you think, meaning you're over-emphasizing how important it is to take it away to the outside vs. the inside. that shank happens (for you and myself) when the hands are too far behind your body rotation. in order to get to the ball from that far behind the hips and shoulders, the hands have to take a short-cut diagonally and across to the left. this presents the hosel first and the face wide open, creating a severe slicing motion through the ball. i adjusted by standing over the ball more to allow more room for my arms to pass through (trying to eliminate too much of a hip slide). i also really concentrated on feeling like my hands were beating my belt buckle to the ball on the downswing. i don't know if that's really what's happening, but it has worked really well. my mishit now is a pull left anywhere from 10 yards to 20 yards depending on club. it's not a hook, so it's very manageable on course. for the backswing/take-away, I use a one-piece take-away with a little bit of wrist hinge to a height that makes me feel like i have plenty of room to move my arms with my torso DOWNWARDS (i notice that if my hands set too low, i sweep and if they're too high, i chop down). the downward feeling at impact makes sure I compress the ball and not sweep across it (sometimes we forget the basics). believe me when i say this took a TON of repetition at the range. I'm talking 400-500 balls a week but now I'm back to striping pretty much every club in my bag except the 3 wood. i hope this insight helps. watching your mishits was like looking in the mirror for me, only you're much better looking. haha. good luck!

  11. Some days it doesn't matter what you do it's just not your day. Any serious golfer has been thru that and more times then we care to admit. You made the most of it. Swing changes take time and you'll go thru ebbs and flows, some good days and some bad. Hang in there.

  12. My God, how can you even concentrate on your swing with all of the mowers and planes?? All that's missing is some drunk guys yelling at you in your backswing.

    On the positive side, I saw some nice bunker shots. Keep working on your swing. It will come around.

  13. Just gotta give yourself a break, it's impossible trying to make a swing change and put up a score at the same time, brain starts crossing wires and it becomes a mess. It will take a lot of focus to fix since that's essentially your swing trigger. Commit to the change and worry about score later.

  14. I know how you feel – in the league today, I played ok, but my swing just wasn't there. Normally, I draw everything, but today everything was a block, even with short irons. Ironically, it was my putting that saved me. While it manifests itself differently in my swing, I think you and I have a similar problem with the takeaway going inside early. I want to work on it, but I think I'm going to wait until my league is over and things settle down – in other words, I'll be able to take my time working on it without having to worry about playing every week, etc…because, I know I'll struggle with it for a while until I get it fixed.

  15. Good comeback. Stick with it and trust it. Maybe want to move left shoulder more towards target line at address, especially with longer clubs. Might let you stay turned a split second longer so other parts can sync up.

  16. A couple things. I played there twice last week and the green speed is one fast ,next slow really messed with putting and the donut effect we get there. Next I just went back to April on some of your videos. Your set up looks like it has changed a little since you are not doing the Flamingo drill, might just be an illusion but with the changes it looks like your arms are farther from your chest… Happy Viewing