DISTRAUGHT! Me vs P2 Grips – Tulfarris Golf Club – Final Part

DISTRAUGHT! Me vs P2 Grips – Tulfarris Golf Club – Final Part

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  1. I would take Colm or Enda over sunshine tour roty. You weren’t kidding when you said those guys can play!

  2. Crossfield called. He said you're doing it wrong. Whenever guys are walking in front of the camera you're supposed to rip them a new a$$hole on camera and then edit out the sound later.

  3. Hey Pete , will you EVER QUALIFY FOR THE OPEN IN OUR LIFETIME /? We are wondering.

  4. Pete, Again great video…. out of all the youtubers, I like you and Rick the best!!! you play great courses, always smiling and having fun… and that is what Golf is all about!

  5. So I’m looking at for a new range finder and I’m leaning towards a watch, any recommendations of good ones, I don’t know much about the watches and I don’t want to pay good money and then be unsatisfied with my purchase

  6. Another great course vlog Pete! Some top notch play, although each time Niel stepped up to the tee it genuinely looked like his britches might drop to the ground mid swing. Not a fan of grown men walking around with their pants sagging below their ass, especially on a golf course. Maybe I'm just getting old!

  7. Cracking finish to a superb mini-series; loved it. Great golf and what a course you played on!
    The windy conditions made for some interesting challenges.