Do the big muscles create the power in the golf swing?

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Are the big muscles really responsible for the power in a golf swing? This and other myths will be the topic of this video…

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  1. Distance on irons improved by almost two clubs, 150m with a seven iron, which is something I have aiming for over the two years but rarely achieve. Did it easily during the game. I also had a range session, aiming to improve my club face feel and eye hand coordination. Did one arm drills, happy gilmours and some rapid fire drills for an hour, then played a nine hole game on the range. Ball striking was the best I have ever done. Started to get natural draws and shot variations just by concentrating on the shot I wanted and letting my body do the work. Have gained the extra distance I have been working on for two years – in one week. I'm a convert. Thanks Ron. No affiliation, I live in Darwin Australia

  2. You're looking at it wrong. Imagine a whip. The club head speed you can generate by SLOWLY and in CONTROL swing with the large muscles of your back are like the hand holding the whip. You don't have to move your hand very fast to get that whip cracking the sound barrier. Turn away and back to the ball using the BIG muscles in your back and let the arms fall into place. The ONLY thing you should worry about with your hands is a very technically perfect grip. Once I realized this I went from mid to high 70's to low 70's and sub par occasionally depending on my terrible short game.

  3. Refreshingly different for a golf swing description. I agree with you that the hand eye coordination is required to successfully hit the ball and that the big muscles are overrated in terms of being necessary in the golf swing. However, I do feel that the arms and body should rotate together in sync so as to assist the accurate timing of the best possible strike but it is also the crack of the whip near the bottom of the swing (produced by the delayed natural lag in the club) that compresses the ball and sends it off like a rocket. Cheers

  4. Ive said these things for years and got laughed at!For me the best practice a beginner/high handicapper can do is feet together swings back and forth hitting the range tee, when you can do it more than 10 times in a row then shut your eyes and do it!
    Once you can do this put a ball on it, shut your eyes and learn the real secret of golf!

  5. Thanks to these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a good golf swing and its numerous factors. Right after reading the book twice, I was able to achieve Twenty-five more yards on my driver, and also 15 more yards on irons. My enjoyment of golf has doubled and my self-confidence has soared.

  6. Wonderful video by a wonderful teacher. . If the folks arguing with you would work on feeling the club during the swing and make a fluid swing instead of responding to your video, there would be no argument. Try it folks. My PGA professional teaches many of the same concepts. He was a an assistant of Manuel De La Torre, the first PGA teacher of the year. These are not ideas from Mars. Go read Earnest Jones from the 1920’s. He played golf with one leg (talk about a lack of big muscles) and preached many of the same concepts. Swing the club.

  7. I think your main point as feeling the club head is very important but I think one who doesn't understand cannot just rely on that too. I think each person swing needs to be improved by him or herself with the guidance of a good teacher. Let's say for example Gary Player , a true legend, always say use your big muscle from your leg , hip, and core to rotate through the shots and the hands will follow through the clubhead. That must have some correctness right? I don't think any one tip will be enough, it takes practice and understand and plus like you said feeling of the club head. But how can one just say feel the club head and that's all you need. For example, as for myself I strike much better when I rotate through with hip and core while aware of my club head to go through the ball.

  8. Oh, if golf was only hitting the ball while standing on a perfectly level, fake grass platform… it wouldn't be much fun. On most average golf courses, even the tee boxes are somewhat out of level, not to mention fairways and greens. And that, dear golfers, is where the girls are separated from the champions. A "repeatable" golf swing that can place your drives (225 yds. or better) in the fairway is the golden ticket to breaking 80 (from the short tees). Breaking par requires a more complete set of skills, chipping & putting to name a few. Depending on your skill level, you're going to employee about every muscle in your body to some degree. You only need to study the fundamentals and practice until it becomes as natural as breathing. You'll develop your own style which works for you. If you shoot, say, 85: 21% of your shots are from the tee box; 42% are putts (on average 2 putts per green); the other 37% are extreme "distance and line" controlled approach shots, chips, bunker shots, and the occasional penalty here and there (rules are rules). ── ○ ──

  9. After reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and practicing the drills as I read, I went out and also shot a 73. Another accomplishment I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I missed the green by an average Five to ten yards. Since 9 is my handicap, I never shoot 73s. It wasn`t my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.

  10. I think you have big muscles in your legs and you can't hit a ball worth shit if you don't have good footwork.

  11. The golf club only follows how your body is turning. If you barely hold the club with no arm pressure, you will find the contact point is much closer to the body. I employed this "no tension" swing and found I was toeing every shot. I couldn't shank if I tried. So I found my natural swing wanted the ball to be 2 inches closer, and amazing….every shot was dead center. Then my brain said "this can't be true" and thus I applied tension to force the outcome to "prove myself wrong(?)". Then I shanked every shot. Too much over-instruction folks….swing the club without any tension and watch the clubhead path….WAY different.

  12. Plenty different swings out there why is this blokes outlook gospel?…no right or wrong way just what works for the individual. All these kind of videos are a waste of time anyway. Get the porn back on you losers