Do This to Drive it Long & Straight | Golf with Aimee

Does your swing plane matter in the backswing?
Sure it does! Find out how.

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  1. Another highly informative tutorial Aimee Cho. Thanks for explaining the proper swing plane action on the back swing with my driver. Your concise and no nonsense approach of teaching helps open up some additional possibilities for my golf game. I will try and implement this the next time I go out. If I still flub it up I will just revert back to this video again! LOL BTW, you really do provide high quality content, thank you so very much for all you do.

  2. You do a great job explaining. For my driver, I tend to gain speed on the follow through and hit it as hard as I can. OR should I not try to hit the ball hard, but let the club make contact as it will?

  3. If you want to teach yourself how to shape a golf swing, watch Aimee's lessons and work at it. Start at the Beginner Series: You won't get a better return on your time anywhere or from anyone than you will from what Aimee shows you in these 7 short, simple lessons. Once you get through these, you'll want more and she has it for you. Aimee is the best self-teach golf instructor on the internet. I've been following her for 4 years now and have never regretted a single minute.

  4. Hello Aimee! Our 8-year old daughter loves your videos so much. Can an 8-year old junior golfer apply the "on or above the plane" during the take away ? Can this be applied also to her IRON Clubs. Thank you so much!

  5. That tee box is in a bad spot for me, I would over compensate so as not to slice the ball into the houses on your right and I may end up hooking it and drive it into those houses on your left 🙁

  6. Another great lesson Aimee. Your swing is awesome. I can't help but notice that your driver head looks cumbersome. Would you get more club head speed with a smaller club head?

  7. Thank you for another great lesson. I have a problem with the left hand grip at the top of my swing. I seem not to be able to maintain the wrist near 90 degree angle. My hand tends to collapse at the top causing inconsistent at the impact. Any suggestions you could give. Thank you so much.

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