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How does your eyesight affect your golf swing? Check out this video to get for the definitive answer on how eye dominance influences your ability to play great golf.

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  1. To keep my swing as effortless as possible, I've been using the perpetual motion drill at the side of the golf ball which allows the club to track on plane. Then I move the machine in when I go to play the actual shot. It's a bit easier with the driver because you are never allowing the club to touch the earth…with irons, it's not so easy as there is a tendency to make contact with the ground which muddies up my club face. Cleaning the club face, sort of takes me out of that feeling I want to have seconds before playing the actual shot. Should I just do the perpetual motion above the ground and then lower everything when I go to play the shot?

  2. Brilliant Shaun! This makes so much sense mate! Subconciously been doing this but not until you just pointed it out did it click! Great for putting too takes a bit of the anxiety away from short putts kinda like half Jordan spieth!
    You know mate I have followed you for many years and met you in person but every year like you say we all get deeper into that rabbit hole through your knowledge and findings!
    Got a match tonight in the local league so going to just pick my intermediate targets and swing through them.
    All the best dude

  3. Funny the TV commentators never talk about this. I like to think I'm driving a nail through the back of the ball. Almost parallel to the ground. Not a nail driving down into the ground.

  4. Best tip I ever heard. Keep the head behind the ball! I believe it's one of the top important fundamentals of the swing.

  5. This is a great teaching! When I putt, even long ones I look at the hole and I putt much better. Haven't tried it for chips and pitches yet but now I wonder. In the last part of the video you talked about players who switch their vision to the target during the swing while keeping behind the ball. Dumb question because of the players you listed but for someone who doesn't play every day (8.9 hcp) is this a valid thing to do? Can't wait to get to the range and try it.

  6. I have to admire Skullys' concentration. Never even blinks.  Great lesson by the way 🙂