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In this video I ask former Florida Marlin’s Pitcher, former Boston Red Sox Pitcher, 2 Time Mid Florida All Conference Catcher, and former Auburn University Outfielder does golf mess up your baseball swing and is the golf swing the same as a baseball swing. Ride along with us as we golf at Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge and discuss weather or not golf messes up your baseball swing. We even take a look at Josh Donaldson’s golf swing. If you like golf and baseball, please make sure you subscribe to my baseball channel and hit the like button for this video as I’ll have many more great videos like this coming soon! Please leave a comment below and let me know your answer to the question, does golf mess up your baseball swing!

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Alfian Zainal says:

Please make some first base drills video please…

Pope Ricardo Pianus V% Nattalian Priest says:

My baseball swing messes up my golf swing

Presidential Bros says:

YouGoPro Thank you so much for these videos i have Improved on my sinker but sometimes when I windup to make it look like a fastball it would go behind a right handed batter. But when I slow down and you can tell it's an off speed pitch it works really well. Should I slow down or try to control it. Thanks

scot lance says:

No. Same swing, different plane.

Dylan Brown says:

YouGoPro I was just throwing in my backyard and I think that I accidentally threw a gyroball and the reason that I think that I was throwing a gyroball is because of the way the ball was spinning because the ball looked like it was spinning up but it was dropping and also my cousin who plays college baseball wasn't even close to hitting it

Ben Ludwig says:

As a PO I'm a firm believer that your baseball swing messes your golf swing…

Xavier Cottrell says:

that was my problem

Kevin Jones says:

I'm a college baseball player and I also grew up playing hockey and I find that it is a great cross training. As far as keeping my hand eye coordination strong and helping me with my feet

Pietro Pasqualotto says:

It's different for everybody.

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