Does Golf Swing Mess Up Baseball Swing?

Does Golf Swing Mess Up Baseball Swing?

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  1. Yes thank you for making this video! I play both for high school, and I feel like when I switch sports I have to relearn my swing. It stinks because I love both.

  2. My highschool coach was against it, but the AD allowed us to play because we always won regionals in golf. If you learn the mechanics of a golf swing necessary to generate clubhead speed, you will know the difference and feel to drive the ball, and bat speed necessary to smoke a liner.

  3. Matt could you save the sponsor to the end of the video? This video didn't start until like 1 minute in lol

  4. As a pitcher I’m more concerned with if my baseball swing will mess up my golf swing 🤣 It was great to hang out with you today! It’s been too long! Next time we’ll have to get out on a golf course!

  5. I played baseball for about 6 years before i played golf… never had a chance on the links. BASEBALL RUINED MY TIGER WOODS DREAM😂

  6. I’ve always wondered about this if there’s correlation. Made a mistake of having my son take golf lessons when he was 12. Totally lost his baseball swing & went on a slump. All the hitting lesson wasted & had to go through it again. It’s probably not an issue now that he’s in high school, but not worth a chance. It’s probably just psychological effect to mechanics. Funny that before golf lessons, he had natural golf swing & could still hit well in baseball. I guess there’s something to be said about just having fun & not keep thinking if you’re doing everything perfect.

  7. I find that if I play golf the day before I have a baseball game I tend to hit the ball better but that’s just me

  8. My 12U lefty gets messed up after golf for the next few BPs. So we don’t do it anymore. Last year after our vacation where he played one round he came back to practice and the coach actually asked me had he played golf. He spotted or right away.

  9. It's tough when I'm playing a baseball and a softball game in the same week. I often only do well in one game or the other. It flip flops week to week.

  10. I think the answer is that it depends on the individual. Personally back when I was playing ball any time I played a round of golf my next bp session was total shit. It would take me a multiple days with a lot of tee work to get my baseball swing dialed back in after just a few hours of hitting golf balls. The feeling of regression pissed me off so much that midway through HS I decided not to touch another golf club until my baseball days were over.