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Donald, Rose, Crane, Fowler – At The Hickory Golf Challenge

At the Zurich Classic of New Orleans we went to watch the Hickory Challenge set up by the event sponsors in order to commemorate 100 years of doing business in the USA. Golfers were set the challenge of playing three holes using ancient equipment.

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Andrew Mangabat says:

Pretty cool also 1st comment

mikejonp says:

Looks like a fun challenge.

mick mueller says:

It is the ball that has changed golf. Our club was giving away some old balls they found. So, we took some and played a round of golf. Those balata balls had the feeling of hitting rubber balls. Way short on the distance. About 2 clubs.

Peter Day says:

I love golf a lot, its my passion. But the most global sport has to be soccer

Imunderpar4win says:

Wonder what the technology will be like 100 years from now

Michael Kennedy says:

can't swing too hard, ends super smooth swing

kime Hunt says:

why would that guy leave his sunglasses on?

xcops420 says:

Hey Ricky, never ever grown a moustache. Ever. this applies to 2017. Just don't do it.

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