Donald Trump’s Hole 1 tee shot at the 2012 AT&T National Pro-Am

Donald Trump shows his crew the way to get the job done. He hits a nice tee shot at Hole Number 1 at the 2012 AT&T National Pro-Am tournament.

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  1. He learned that swing when he served in Vietnam…..oooooops. Sorry. He took four cowardly deferments claiming bad feet. Looks like his feet are just fine. It's the yellow streak running up his back that stands out most. How is it McCain gets cancer and this shit still lives?

  2. obamas golf swing was pathetic. Agreed. but honestly donalds shot isn't that much better.

  3. Mr Larsen: Trying to reach the green from here Barack?
    Obama: That's not possible
    Mr Larsen: I beg to differ. Donald Trump accomplished that feet, no longer than an hour ago.

  4. SO FRIGGEN WHAT !!        Billionaires and their golf games.   Best equipment, best teachers, best conditions ….. I am NOT impressed.    I hate self-centered people.

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