Here I’m working with a former baseball player named Drew who’s golf engine is working beautifully, but we just needed to make some adjustments for better consistency.

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  1. This can be misleading feel isn't real .. all golfers arms are straight just after Impact swinging like this will cause big blocks out to the right because the face will be open

  2. Drew is a strong kid but my question is as a Texas lawyer/actor is Drew getting a lot of Hollywood "poon"?
    In the slow mo it appears Drew "flips" the club at impact.

  3. Mr. Garcia, where do you get your hats? I have a larger than normal dome and have found getting "Hogan" style hats difficult, so, where do you get yours? I should also mention that I have been watching your videos and reading Mr. Hogan's book and my ball striking has become far better at 62 than at 32. I attribute this improvement to your videos and teaching techniques. Thank you for inspiring me to try one more time to get better. JP