Chris takes a look at the advice of moving the driver head low and slow in the takeaway and how this can affect your golf swing.

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  1. Yes, I had a lesson a few yrs ago and was told 'low & slow'. My game suffered badly as a result as I was swaying on the backswing,weight transfer forward was poor and a a result I started swinging across the ball thus hitting pulls and slices.So I would not reccomend this action.Good advice Chris.

  2. I think we all just want to swing it like Chris…What would Chris do? T shirts all round please!!

  3. Hi Chris. Could you please do a video on roughly or better still, exactly where the hands would be in their backswing journey when the hips begin their rotation. I get confused with this and think that I leave my hips square/facing forward for too long during my takeaway. I feel this can contribute to pulling me off the ball. For example, should I have started turning by the time my hands are opposite my right thigh…? Please HELLLP.

  4. Tried low & slow but as you say it caused issues. My personal solution was to bump my shoulders ie I was having my shoulders slightly open to target causing out to in but now back to in to out.

  5. Great seeing you Chris in Orlando Florida and a detailed and thorough explanation of the speed in the takeaway with the driver.

    Many thankz. 👊 👌