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This video is about Dustin Johnson golf swing and tips to help you increase your swing speed. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.






dustin johnson
dustin johnson swing speed

▶ SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner twice
▶ 27 year Class A PGA Member
▶ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
▶ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
▶ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
▶ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour

dustin johnson swing analysis
dustin johnson swing sequence

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dustin johnson swing
dustin johnson driver swing
dustin johnson iron swing

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Gary Guerrero says:

Wow Dustin Johnson is a beast!

Max Holt says:

Mr.Bazalgette I love your channel, really quality content. I actually love in Naples, what golf course are you at in Naples?

Jf Vezina says:

Hi, do you do golf swings analysis of video we can send ? GREAT videos. Thanks

Patrick Miller says:

Excellent analysis. One of the best I've seen. No bs incorrect information! Great job

Ric Moore says:

One aspect of Dustin's backswing that has not been commented on but is very noticeable is his quick setting of his wrists at the commencement of the backswing. All he does then is complete his shoulder turn.

This initial move places his wrists in a power loaded position which Dustin takes full advantage of. It is not a move that is taught however Dustin has probably been swinging that way for a long time and has mastered this move. A very powerfull golf swing!!

Hugo dutoit says:

I hit my irons pretty well, but…. the ball draws severely and then I start to compensate… messing up my game at times. What can I do to eliminate this draw action? I have tried various ball placing, distance from the ball in my stance… how much I bend my knees… something is just not on. Any suggestions?

Taylor Carter says:

I'm a huge Dustin Johnson fan I like how powerful he is and how talented he is his swing is amazing

Mac Attack says:

Excellent analysis. The "helicopter" was a great example of the turn. Have you done anything on the weight shift in the feet? I see data on the weight shift to the ball of the left foot, prominent in Hogan, in every great ball striker. My worst shots occur when I fail to move the weight off the left heel in the backswing. Thanks for all of your efforts!

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