Meandmygolf look at Dustin Johnson’s golf swing technique to see how he develops his power in the golf swing

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  1. Hello, I am wondering if I should try the bowed wrist as Dustin Johnson does if I also use a similar strong grip. I am not sure whether I should change to neutral of do it as DJ's way

  2. Any tips for getting a higher launch out of a driver? I play a strong grip and have a pretty solid amount of rotation. I prefer a straight to draw ball flight but can only take driver over trees if I play a 20+ yard cut. I play a Cleveland Classic XL set at 11.5 loft 

  3. There is one thing that is defenately overlooked using the stable release, like Johnson does.

    There is not any timing what so ever in the sense of closing the clubhead to impact. It only relates to the amount of rotation in his shoulders and using really, really passive hands and not to try crossing nor anything else.

    The flat to bowed forward hand at the top is basically taking all hand action off the downswing. And if you wish to fire the ball at max speed off the tee, that is a huge benefit. Just keep those fists moving around without any twiddling with your forearms or wrists.

  4. I have had lesson upon lesson and I always find myself going back to using a bowed wrist. When I have a neutral wrist I tend of release the club way early and I go right quite a bit and hit fat shots. Fade real bad with a driver. But with a bowed wrist I hit it straight or left. More straight than left. With the bowed wrist I feel locked in and can hold that position through impact and release perfectly. Less to think about in my swing because my wrists are already in position. 

  5. The wrist action in question is described in great detail in Ben Hogan's book. A lot of people say that's the trick to his swing. Takes some mastering. Most people overthink golf and fail to pay attention to what they're doing or make changes to it. Quit trying to start over and mirror others. Go with feels right and make minor adjustments till you improve. Oh and practice.

  6. Thank you guys for the explanation. 

    I am a 36 year old ex baseball player in my first full season of learning golf.  Many folks tell my I have one of the prettiest swings they have seen but my game is terrible.  I have had a terrible push slice with all clubs but its much worse with the driver.  After watching this video, I went to the range and hit 3 buckets of balls with a bowed left wrist.  This immediately solved the slice on my driver.  I played a round today and shot my first legit birdie and increased my driver average from 205 to 260.  I hit 66% of my fairways.  I am still trying to dial in this technique with my irons but I couldn't be happier with the step shift improvement that the bowed left wrist has given me. 

    I start my swing by firing my left knee followed by hip rotation.  This generates a lot of natural lag.  At impact, the cupped wrist hinge was making my club head be wide open at impact.  The bowed left wrist allows me to have heavy lag with a square club face without  any quick corrective wrist effort at impact. 

    I wanted to share this with you guys.  I have watched every youtube video for "curing the slice" and tried every technique.  This is the first one that made any difference and 100% cured my driver slice.  Thanks for the time you take to make these videos.  They help a lot of people like me who have families, demanding jobs, and lack the time for endless lessons.  Kudos to you!

  7. With respect, I think you're wrong.

    He doesn't have nearly as much 'wrist bow' or 'closed face' as you suggest. While he does rotate his hips fast, the main reason for distance is that his hit is very late and his right elbow is deep into his midriff.
    Club head speed is created with the hands, through arm strength, and if you have any doubt just look at Rory McIlroy who has relatively little hip rotation.

  8. Great review Guys !!! Yes, "strong grip swings" are athletic and extremely powerful, with a lot of control – as long as the lower body moves quickly on the down swing. The lower body cannot be slow like conventional swings. At the top of the back swing, the lower body will drop into a powerful seated position, pushing down to the ground and starting the hip rotation, help by the left foot rolling to the side helping the hip turn, with most of the body's weight on the ball of the right foot pushing the ground. It is this lower body rotation that is pulling the torso and the arm down as the hands keep the powerful angle (the lag) and release through impact. If you swing like a whip, as someone stated, all that stored up power is lost, you end up flipping the club, thus the hands swing past the body, its one big mess and you might as well take up bowling. I'm 47 and have be using the strong grip style swing for about 7yrs, based on the teachings of fellow Hawaiian Kelvin Miyahira, but also I've learn a ton from Lucas Wald, an expert in swing science, who by the way can practice what he teaches.