Dustin Johnson – slow motion golf swing – fairway wood

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  1. Where is his weight at impact? In favor of the trail leg? Or the lead leg? It seems like he almost hangs back a bit, and then proceeds to get over to the leading side. Wouldn't this cause a fat shot? And the low point of the swing should be behind the ball? This is my major problem when hitting the fairway woods, I end up hitting them fat because like DJ, I hang back a bit. But somehow magically he pures it. Anyone know what's going on here, exactly?

  2. Is anyone able to answer this question ? Do most all of the famous top golfers LOCK their left elbow before taking the club back ? Nicklaus did for sure. Rory Does also.
    Is this a KEY to being great ? Locking the left elbow before swinging.. Gary Player did it also too…… So do all the famous golfers LOCK the left elbow at beginning of swing.