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Increase your distance and power, and your accuracy at the same time by making a proper turn that puts you in a position to hit powerful and accurate golf shots!


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  1. Yes. There is so much confusion out there. For example, the right elbow DOES tuck in just above the right hip in a good player's swing, but that happens on its own. It's the RESULT or EFFECT (one of many) of a player staying focused through the shot. It's not the reason for the good swing or shot.

  2. very informative as always Shawn. Will you be releasing a video of your recent workshop so those of us who were unable to attend can learn from it?keep up the good work

  3. So this is what confuses me. If I was going to throw the club I would use my arms and my body would respond, however, everyone says use the body to swing the arms and the arms do not do anything. So which is it please?……….confused.

  4. Rory McIlroy gave us the perfect example of this in his first round at the British Open this year. In the interview after his round he confessed to concentrating on not opening his left knee (BODY PART) in practice and on the first six holes he had 1 par, five bogies. His caddie told him to pull himself together, he was Rory McIlroy and should play like he knew how (four birdies on the second nine). He no longer has the same caddie (for various reasons) but he probably still has the same coach. Shawn! Please do something about it. Apply for the position. We'll be here for you when you get back.

  5. It's just so funny that this came out now. Tiina just made huge improvement in her swing and target. I allmost made video to you about this "Video learning prosess." I guess if you don't start thinking right things you don't get any progress in your golf. Only watching these video you start think" How I do that swing?" "What I'm thinking about that swing?". I have started to think more deeper this all and start to follow my own doing! I have found many funny things and thoughts what has done many of my shots really bad. And I didn't notice those things before! Thank you again Shawn.

  6. Hi Shawn, There are various analogies through which we can have external focus. Ball on a string, Fencing, Throwing the club, cutting grass, hammering nail into a door frame, Battering Ram and Planing wood. When playing more than one analogy comes in the mind. The mind gets a little fuzzy. Then the types of shots Chips, Pitches and full shots also maybe need different analogies. How can we reconcile here and be clear.