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Easiest golf swing for senior golfers , simple steps


Julian Mellor says:

Now based at , if your looking to join a course or visit for a few days as Peter from Sweden is doing the Ardencote is a beautiful Hotel complex and close to Birmingham airport

sherifffdb905 says:

Would you recommend the Moe Norman swing for a senior?

David O Connor says:

thanks from a happy 64year old made golf lot more enjoyable

Julian Mellor says:

What a great day, coaching 6 seniors on my 1-day course, they now believe that effortless distance is possible once your know how to do it ????

Julian Mellor says:

Some golfers have been looking at Positive Impact Golf videos for over 3 years before contacting us or coming on a course , if your in two minds stop thinking and start doing, book a lesson , book a 1-day programme or or join an online programme , I promise you won't regret it ????

Mark Deneen says:

I just discovered your videos. I'm 68 and I have artifical knees and hip, and restricted range in my elbows, but I love golf and keep trying to improve. I have tried several other swing concepts, but they all felt unnatural to my body and create soreness. I can't wait to try your easy swing low tension method! I will go to the range today! Thank you for the great videos!

Julian Mellor says:

From Roy who attended my 1-day course

My comments on the day are as my previous email to you. However, more specifically taking into account my age, degree of flexibility and general level of fitness:

????️I feel much more balanced in my golf shots
????️Turning is easy and I don't feel stiffness or tightness in my right side groin now
????️I love the dans du golf drills these are really useful easy to do
and are helping 'groove in' new 'brain wiring' for a smoother reliable movements
????️i really appreciate how you managed to transmit golf as feel to me

????️ I am much more aware of when I drift into the dreaded 'dont's' of golf that disrupt the natural (easy) movements that result in an easy, effortless golf shot

I got all of the above and more from your 1 day golf workshop – so that is my work in progress report Julian

Julian Mellor says:

Less tension + less effort = more distance , don't take my word go try for yourself ????

Richard West says:

Julian, how can a golfer assure good club head strike while doing the positive impact golf swing? Does he still need to try to be square at impact, and extend the arms toward the lead side at least a little bit after the moment of impact? Or, by going with the swing, is it okay to allow the bend the arms (reducing tension)immediately after impact and let the club come up in a circular plane immediately?

Garth Downton says:

It has always been my theory that if you have natural rhythm golf is a very different game . All the swing theories work !! Where the game gets ugly is when tension overrides rhythm . I just watched an 84 yr old gentleman hit shot after shot with a little draw at the range . His rhythm was perfect . His drives were 180 + yds with 5-10 dispersion . THAT IS SWINGING THE CLUB !! In his case his feet never left ground but I see a lot of merit in what u are promoting !

Ronald Trivane says:

Relaxing your arms will help your arms to straighten at impact which is caused by centrifugal force of the turn. Impact is the only time the arms really have to be straight. This can't happen if your arms are tense. As you said tension is the biggest enemy of the golf swing. After 35 years I am actually just beginning to believe it.
At the practice range take 10 easy "I don't care" swings. I like to imagine how hard I would swing if I had to take 1000 consecutive golf shots. Would I swing hard? No. I would swing very, very easy.
Thanks Julian. Your swing easy tips have helped this 74 year old immensely.

Ed Lewis says:

I'm a high handicapper and not consistent. I have tinkered with my swing so much I have started to not like golf anymore. I have been watching your videos and practiced at the range, and the results were great. I played a full game and parred 4 holes and birdied one my best game ever. thank you very much

Paul Berg says:

Great tips for the seniors. Thanks for this and I am going to practice this as soon as I can.

Joe Apice says:

I'm 69 years old and I started playing golf last year. I am about a 25 handicap. After watching many videos on Golf I became very confused as to which method was best and found myself overcorrecting, adjusting my posture and becoming frustrated on the golf course not knowing whether or not I would wind up hitting the ball. After watching your easy swing videos and practicing a little, I found that I increased my club head speed and hit the ball farther and was less tired after a round of golf. I don't even bother to watch anymore videos from any other instructor. You are definitely the best one. Keep up the good work Julian.

S As says:

Great video Julian, I'm a beginner (64 yrs old) and I found your technique really useful. Keep 'em coming. Steve

Julian Mellor says:

Some exciting things have just happened , if your in the USA or any other place in the world and would like to visit the home of Positive Impact Golf and learn the easiest swing in golf it's now possible, our new home is minutes away from Shakespeare's home Stratford up on Avon , and other amazing places , the Ardencote is an amazing venue in the heart of Warwickshire and only 20 minutes away from Birmingham airport. Visit and see what facilities it has , I will be releasing some dates for 1 week vacations soon

Rick Hamann says:

I am 60. Play once a week. Have lacked distance for the last 10 years. This is a MIRACLE for me. Thank you so much!!

John Manning says:

I am 70 years old and finding I cannot turn much which results in bad contact with ball no consistency apart from taking up bowls any advice. Thank you

Phongsuree Bunnag says:

I'm approaching 72. Still love playing golf, 9-18 holes, at least once a week. Julian's vdo really helps me learn how to relax and lose tension with my arms and my body which I used to have with my golf swing for years. Definitely obtained a better hit with more relaxed posture, easier upswing with lifting left heel, less strain in arms bending a little with body turn to the top of the swing and I could even experiment increasing down swing speed in my practice. Will go out on the course soon to see what distance I'll get with Julian's method on each senior club that I'm using now, comparing to my old swing.

Julian Mellor says:

By chance I happened to observe another PGA professional teaching and noticed he was comparing his student to a tour professional, is this right? The student was in his 60's and slightly out of condition …. ????

Julian Mellor says:

Very excited to announce that John from the USA is now coming over to join Julian for 2 days of 1-1 coaching in August.

If you would like to view Ardencote visit for details and julian is available at

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