Here Julian Mellor is talking about a move so many golfers get wrong, he hopes you find it helpful. If you’d like to contact Julian simply visit www.julianmellorgilfschool.com

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  1. Exactly right Julian. So many teachers teaching this exact thing. I have terrible lower back issues because of it.

  2. How to you prevent coming over the top if you don't shift your lower body first before turning the upper body?

  3. This happens in my swing toward the end of the round when I am tired and I really have to work at it and think about the turn to avoid it. I always know when it happens. Its snowing again today. I am hopeful spring will come soon. I can't wait to get back at it. As always, good video and instruction. Keep them coming.

  4. Although I agree totally with Julian's explanations, this also happens (with me, anyway) because I am right-handed and try to "muscle" the ball with my right side. Turning, at least in my mind, is not going to generate as much power as using my right arm and shoulder to hit down and then up on the ball. Of course in fact loosening the arms and turning generates way more speed, which is what is important in sending the ball as far as possible. You've somehow got to take your mind off muscling that golf ball, especially with the right side (or left side for left-handers).

  5. Just looking at you doing it wrong makes me know what I am doing , I can hit the ball nice and straight but they are always very high and not as far as I used to, I can see myself leaning into the shot and the pain in my back tells me I am. Thanks Julian I will have to correct it or I will end up crippled .

  6. Hi Julian,

    Thank you so much for this invaluable video. I am one of those golfers guilty of this terrible move. This is because so many pros teach: "Bump your hips first".
    Greetings from Germany. I am hoping for a PIG coach in this country.

  7. Are your clubs longer and more upright than standard? You don't seem to have a lot of forward bend/tilt in your set up/swing and that obviously reduces the need for side bend/tilt as you turn through impact.

  8. great video Julian. Must admit i sometimes struggle in this manner, with weak wafting shots, but a great finish. It's really just a matter of keeping the danse du golf movement going in the real swing, easier said than done. Thanks Rod

  9. Great video, Julian. I see the same thing with my students as well. I'm getting more of them to "dance". The younger ones will do it, the older ones, especially the ladies, seem to want to play just for the opportunity to chat and have no desire to improve their golf game.

  10. It is helpful that you identify the problem but it would be equally helpful if you provided a drill or swing thought rather then just “turn”
    Prior student from Virginia
    Thanks Julian